Say Hello to our Summer New Members

Welcome to the new members who joined in Summer 2020. Would you like to become a free member of Dorset Dogs too? Why not take a look at the Doggy Do Code and if you agree with the Dorset Dogs way of thinking Join us. Whether you live in Dorset or visit with your dog you can become a member – there are now well over 2000 Dorset Dogs human members and even more canine ones!

Keep an eye on Dorset Dogs news page and Facebook for updates, including walking guidelines.


Maddie the Whippet / Greyhound is mad about chasing a ball.

Maddie has only recently moved to Dorset so is still in the process of checking out the best places.

You can find out about great places to walk and explore on the Out & About pages.


Harley an 11 month old Saluki is a rescue dog who enjoys walks locally including at Upton Country Park.

Archie and Lexie

Archie is a Yorkshire Terrier / Dachshund cross and Lexie is Jack Russell / Cocker Spaniel cross from West Sussex.

Archie and Lexie love to go to the beach in Dorset, exploring rock pools and rolling in the sand.


Chip the Border Collie enjoys walks where there is a stream to cool down in on hot days.

Regular walks include Slades Farm.


Poppy the West Highland Terrier lives with Lily – they both love their walks and particularly chasing their balls. They also love the water!


Lily the Labrador and Poppy enjoy walks at Poundbury Fields, Thorncombe Woods and Weymouth Beach.


This ex racing Greyhound has not grown up with other dog breeds but is learning well and enjoying his new life in his forever home.

Eagle enjoys walks at Cannon Hill and Bytheway Field and would recommend walks at Hengistbury Head and Mudeford.


Border Collie Luna loves to learn tricks! She knows dozens of words and has learnt to shut doors on cue. Catriona told us that Luna has a real sense of fun!

Luna loves to walk anywhere with hills and fields with the Wessex Ridgeway being one of their favourites.


Diva the German Shepherd enjoys visits at Wareham Forest as there are many different walks and places to see.

and Loki

Loki lives with Diva


Fun, playful Darcy loves going out and about in Dorset and enjoys meeting new friends.

Darcy loves the Dorset beaches and enjoys a good run in the sand and a paddle.


This Border Collie and Springer Spaniel cross likes to walk in Studland in the Winter and in the hills and valleys of North Dorset.


Luna is a 7 year old Cocker Spaniel who joined her family a year ago. She loves the beach and has settled in very easily and has a cheeky personality.

Luna loves walk along the beach and the River Stour.


Darcey the Jackapoo has attended training classes from a young age and has proved to be quite a star and a very natural learner.

and Bear

Bear the Shichon lives with Darcey and is just at the beginning of her learning journey having joined the family at 2 years old. Bear is willing to please and has picked up good behaviours from copying Darcey.

Darcey and Bear normally walk in the countryside around their town in Hertfordshire. In Dorset they take advantage of the beautiful countryside, coastal walks and dog beaches.


Jecht is a 4 year old Greyhound.


A collie cross whose varied walks include Upton Country Park, Sandbanks and Studland.

Sandbanks Beach West is one of Poole’s dog-friendly beaches all year round, you can find it here on the Out & About pages.

Hattie & Bo are a Spaniel cross and Miniature Dachshund from Bournemouth who enjoy walks on Southbourne Beach and Hengistbury Head.

Tango is an 8 month old Working Cocker Spaniel from London.

Piper is a Cocker Spaniel.

Betty Boo, Mouse, Daisy and Lucky enjoy walks in local parks.

Ossie regularly walks in the parks and at the seaside. This Jack Russell / Dachshund cross from London loves Weymouth.

Milly the Border Terrier loves cuddles, walks and generally running around with her tennis balls. Milly enjoys walks at Thorncombe Woods all year round.

Thambi the Labrador Retriever enjoys walks along the coast, Eype and Symondsbury.

Roo and Benji are a Patterdale and Patterdale / Jack Russell cross who walk all over Dorset but favourite places include Studland, Corfe and Wareham Forest.

Murphy is an 11 month old Cockapoo who walks in Sherborne and the surrounding areas, on the beaches and anywhere else quiet.