Welcome to our Autumn New Members

Please note the first draft of Autumn 2020’s new members page was produced before the National Lockdown. Apologies to everyone who has been waiting for their joining photos to be added to the new members page!

Welcome to the new members who joined in Autumn 2020. Would you like to become a free member of Dorset Dogs too? Why not take a look at the Doggy Do Code and if you agree with the Dorset Dogs way of thinking Join us. Whether you live in Dorset or visit with your dog you can become a member – there are now well over 2000 Dorset Dogs human members and even more canine ones!

We can’t send out members packs at the moment due to restrictions but do join now and we will do as soon as we can!


Crumble is a Terrier Shih Tzu cross and as a puppy has only just started out walking in Dorset.

Crumble and her family are looking forward to getting out and about, enjoying the countryside together and making some new doggy friends.

You can find out about great places to walk and explore on the Out & About pages.


Poy the 6 month old Border Collie enjoying the late Autumn sun.


Alfie is a Cockapoo who enjoys walks at Whitecliff and Upton Country Park. It also looks like he enjoys some chilling out time on the sofa and who can blame him.


Ellie’s family told us that she is very friendly and lovely.

This Bichon Frise walks all around the Boscombe area but particularly enjoys walks on the beach.


Albert is a 5 year old Jack Russell cross – he has really perfected that smile for the camera!


Vera loves exploring and at 10 months old has a lot of energy so also loves her walks and swimming. Vera’s family told us that if there is water she will be in it!

Vera enjoys walks at Upton Country Park (which has a great dog splash stream) and has made use of the dog training areas there. She also enjoys a trip to the beach, when dogs are permitted, so she can play in the sand and go for a dip.

Do you need a securely-fenced site? We have information about Securely-Fenced Enclosures and Fields on our website

Berlington Bertie

AKA Bertie is a Cockapoo that loves water and is another fan of Upton Country Park.

Bertie is always looking for dog walks in Dorset with water.

Chester and Poppy

Chester and Poppy are Labradoodles.

Chester, pictured here, is 8 but was rescued when he was very young. His family told us that he is a wonderful dog who loves to train and play.

Chester lives with Poppy, who despite being 12, still comes out for walks with the gang every day and is showing no signs of slowing down. Poppy is losing her vision slightly but her nose is as keen as ever!

Ozzy is an 8 year old Jack Russell Terrier cross and we warmly welcome him as a Dorset Dogs member.

Muddy is a long haired Miniature Dachshund. He is black with brindle paws which look muddy – hence the name! Muddy enjoys walks along Bournemouth Beach and at 4 months old is looking forward to walks further afield once he is old enough.

Maggie is a London dog who has relocated to Dorset and is loving life here exploring the amazing countryside with her owners. Top of Maggie’s favourite places to walk is Hengistbury Head. Like Maggie you can explore Dorset safely by following the Doggy Do Code.