Meet our Spring New Members

Apologies to everyone who has been waiting for their joining photos to be added to the new members page – we have moved to administering new members on a quarterly basis.

Welcome to the new members who joined in Spring 2021. Would you like to become a free member of Dorset Dogs too? Why not take a look at the Doggy Do Code and if you agree with the Dorset Dogs way of thinking Join us. Whether you live in Dorset or visit with your dog you can become a member – there are now well over 2000 Dorset Dogs human members and even more canine ones!


A Kokoni Springer Spaniel cross who loves walking in the woods and enjoys finding hidden treats around the home in a game of ‘Find It’.

You can find out about great places to walk and explore on the Out & About pages.


Maisy is an 8 year old Collie Labrador cross who her family tells us was a highly strung and anxious girl when she arrived at 9 months old. She was afraid of nearly everything but with patience, time and kind, force free training she is a lovely, calm girl, companion and loyal sidekick.

Maisy enjoys camping and loves anywhere that has water for her to swim.


Brie the Briard is a very hairy and much loved dog who is exuberant and loves her walks.

Brie loves living in Bournemouth with so many great parks, beaches and forests to walk in and enjoy.


This Staffie Lurcher cross is energetic, very friendly and loves meeting other dogs when out walking.

Marshall enjoys walking in sites where he can enjoy a good off lead run. You can find some great places to walk using our map on the Out & About pages.


Nahla is a 6 month old Dalmation Golden Retriever cross who enjoys walks on the beach and locally where there are lots of fun places to explore and plenty of four legged friends.


Georgie is a 7 month old Romanian rescue pup who is full of beans. He loves every dog and human he meets and enjoys a good play.

His family told us that he loves a to cuddle on the sofa and often forgets his size and thinks he is a lap dog.


This super smart Border Collie pup has learnt lots of tricks already.

He loves walks and cuddles especially with his dinosaur. Lupo walks in lots of different places including along the River Stour, Hengistbury Head, Moors Valley and Upton Country Park.


Still just a pup, this Whippet Bedlington Terrier cross doesn’t have regular places to walk yet but has walked locally in the countryside and once to the beach.

Pebble’s family told us that they have been camping in their camper for a night and Pebble took to camping like a pro – they’re very proud of her.


Rufus is a 9 year old Cavachon.

His family told us that he is the most loving and friendly dog and is very well behaved. He likes a roast dinner on Sunday and who can blame him.


Ralph the Sprollie loves rivers and the sea and is surrounded by a woodland floor full of bluebells in this lovely photo. Maybe blue is his favourite colour?


Hulk loves dogs and people.

This 10 month old Pug would recommend Upton Country Park, Canford Park SANG and the beaches as great places to walk in Dorset. Thanks for the tip Hulk!

Buster is a 9 year old Labrador who enjoys walks at Upton Country Park and loves the beach.

Riley is a 9 month old Cockapoo who enjoys a lovely stroll in and around the Sandbanks area.

Monty an English Springer Spaniel walks all over Dorset and Hampshire and likes anywhere he can have a good run around.

Glee and Fletch are Boston Terriers who enjoy varied walks across the year including winter beach walks, forest walks in Spring and walks with access to water in the Summer.

Bowie regularly walks the Trailway in Blandford and would recommend the beach as a great place to walk in Dorset.

Cali the Cockapoo enjoys walks at Upton Country Park and Frenches Farm – you can find more about these sites as well as other great places to walk on our Out & About page.

Maisie is a Poochon who loves gardens.

Bennie the Chorkie regularly walks along the beautiful coastline in West Dorset.

Benji is a 5 month old Working Cocker Spaniel who is a very inquisitive dog and enjoys walks on the beach.

Mika and Kenzo are both 4 and mixed breed who would recommend walks in the rather lovely area of Studland.

Frida is a 4 months old Border Collie who would recommend Upton Country Park as a great place to walk.