Hello to our New Year New Members

Welcome to the new members who joined at the end of last year and into the New Year. Would you like to become a free member of Dorset Dogs too? Why not take a look at the Doggy Do Code and if you agree with the Dorset Dogs way of thinking Join us. Whether you live in Dorset or visit with your dog you can become a member – there are now nearly 2500 Dorset Dogs human members and even more canine ones!

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Apologies to everyone who has been waiting for their joining photos to be added to the new members page! We have been very busy with projects this year including redeveloping our website which we’re excited to share with you in the future.


Oreo loves anywhere with grass, walking, rolling and laying on it.

Oreo’s family told us that he is a very loving dog who has been by their side during ill health and even alerted for help when it was needed. Aren’t dogs amazing!


When the wind catches your hair in just the right way for the pawfect pose!

Benji the Toy Poodle loves running on the beach especially at Studland.


This Cockapoo loves walks anywhere near the sea and in particular at Hengistbury Head and Southbourne Beach.


Freddie the Dachshund lives with Leo the Jack Russell.

and Leo

Also joining Dorset Dogs:

Hugo the Working Cocker Spaniel.

Spike is a large crossbreed mastiff bull type who enjoy walks on the beach and in the woods. * We weren’t able to download the photo of Spike but are happy to add it *

Bertie is a Romanian rescue whose family is really enjoying introducing him to the English countryside. They told us that they had dogs for year so they’re all learning together. Bertie enjoys walking around his village and further afield at weekends. You can find lots great places to walk and explore on the Out & About pages.

Ted the Schnoodle is a 5 month old pup from Dorchester.

Nelly and Mabel are 14 month old and 10 week old French Bulldogs.

Peppy the Jack Russell enjoys walks around Bournemouth.

Woody the Sprocker.