Love Dogs... Love Nature


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Do prevent your dog from
chasing wildlife & farm animals

Keep your dog in sight and do not allow them to chase wildlife or grazing animals, other dogs or pets.

Migrating or overwintering birds need all their energy reserves and can be left vulnerable and exhausted if chased, so also be aware and prevent your dog from chasing flocks.  Other wildlife and farm animals may be injured, severely stressed or lose unborn young if chased.

Chasing games with other dogs are only a game if all the dogs involved know it's a game and are happy playing - don't allow your dog to chase other dogs they don't know unless everyone is happy - all dogs and owners.

  Keep your dog on a lead near grazing animals - it’s unlikely that you and your dog will be chased, but if you are, let your dog off the lead so you can both get away more easily.  Always close gates after you and if you see any grazing animals in distress please call the contact number given on site.