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April & May 2014's new members



Alfie's a 2 year-old mini labradoodle who walks all over the country with Claire, but particularly loves Dorset's beaches - one of his favourites is Hengistbury Head beach, which is an all-year round off-lead beach adjacent to a beautiful nature reserve.

Alfie 2

We had a lovely message direct from Alfie! "I love being by the Dorset coast and chilling in my garden.  I am so pleased to have joined Dorset Dogs as they have supplied an amazing information pack on joining so to all the new members see you on the beaches soon!"

Gizmo and Aggie

Gizmo & Aggie

One's a Shihtzu cross breed and the other is a Pug - no prizes for guessing which is which!  This lovely little heap of dogs enjoys a nice walk, and one of their favourites is Hengistbury Head.




A 4 year-old Springer who lives with Marley in Poole.

Stephanie went the extra mile to join Dorset Dogs - the web joining form link was broken for a while in April and we didn't know that online joining forms were disappearing into the ether until Stephanie queried it - thanks Stephanie - 2 forms and quite a few more emails and we got there in the end - thanks for persevering!



8 year-old Collie x Border terrier lives with Cookie - these 2 have such big smiles!

Harry beagle 1


Many people will recognise that Beagle Harry is pictured at Lulworth Cove.

Corinne says other favourites include Meyrick Park and Queen's Park - "they're great for his beagle nose"!  You can find Meyrick & Queen's Park on our 'Out & About' pages



Killick was adopted and brought home from Spain with Jackie when he was one, and he now lives in Corby with Whistler and Snowy.  

They all enjoy their visits to Dorset, walking beside Wareham river, Blue Pool and Lulworth Cove.



snowy killick and whistler

Snowy, Killick & Whistler

...Snowy is a Chihuahua, Whistler is a Pomeranian and these two were ex breed bitches adopted aged 9 & 7.

Now 12 & 10 and along with 6 year-old Killick, Jackie says 'They're my kids'!



This very intelligent-looking lab is just 1 year old.

Carolina says:  "Fudge recently had a very deep cut to his pad when walking on Bourne Valley Nature reserve. It's very frustrating when there is broken glass and litter in our sites." 

"I think the council should invest in dog places like the one built in Slades Farm."

She added: "Dog beaches are great for dogs, woodland like New Forest or Forest in Verwood, Moors Valley and Wareham forest. Rockley park is a good option too. Of course the places I already use to walk Fudge!



Dezna walks Golden Retrievers Evie & Tilly at lots of places in West Dorset including Weymouth & Charmouth beaches, Poundbury & Hardy's Monument.

The Weymouth & West Dorset beaches are their favourites!



Tilly looks like lovely young Tilly has been playing full pelt with Evie and is enjoying a well-deserved flop on the floor! 

Dezna would like to know about eating places & cafes where dogs are welcomed - then Tilly would be able to have plenty of rest time too!



Caspar lives in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, but this lucky cocker also has a caravan in Rockley Park, Poole, so he gets plenty of time in our lovely Dorset coast and countryside with Kathy.



Bailey is a cockapoo who loves swimming - looks like he loves sand-wallowing too Natalie!


Misty Blue

Misty Blue

Misty Blue is very young and still timid, Ann says she needs to socialise more, and as she visits places like Hamworthy Park that's certainly going to help this little Shetland Sheepdog with that!

Storm 1st wait command


We really do have the 'arrrr' factor with our dogs this month!

Glynis walks Storm at Bourne Valley Park, she says:

"Storm is very friendly (loves people and other animals), bold (nothing seems to frighten him, even fireworks, thunder or the bin lorry!), quick to learn new things (good ones & bad!)"

Sounds like a lot of fun and hard work all rolled into this lovely little bundle - just what you'd expect from a border collie pup!

roxy photo


Roxy is a Parsons Jack Russell x Border Terrier, she loves splashing in water and some of her favourite places include Hengistbury Head, Boscombe Beach and Queen's Park.



Jenny says Nala loves open spaces, she's a working cocker x lab, just 2 years old.

Nala explores Whitesheet, Cannon Hill Plantation, Bytheway Field and Badbury Rings and other parts of the Kingston Lacy estate - some of our favourite places too and some are still on the waiting list for our 'out & about' pages!

Ruby staffie boxer


Ruby is a 3 year-old staffie/boxer cross who lives in Birmingham with Oscar....

Oscar labxcollie


.... in Birmingham they walk in Worley Woods but when they come to Dorset they particularly enjoy Tyneham, Kings Park & Hengistbury Head.

Oscar is a 3.5 year-old lab/collie, Jennie says these two rescue dogs now love life (as we can see!) and everything fascinates them, they need to go places where they can let off steam.



Mabel is a large crossbreed who doesn't like travelling in cars!  A rescue dog from the Dogs Trust, she has recently moved to Wimborne with Clare and now enjoys the Stour, Redcott and the River Allen.



Ahh I'm not prone to sentiment but you have to admit she's extremely cute!  We have so many lovely pups this month.

Lola is a young Cavapoo, Rosemary is deaf and says she's hoping that Lola will be able to be trained to alert her to alarms and dangers eventually.



From Bournemouth, Tess travels to lots of places including Moors Valley, Poor Common and Ramsdown, but one of her favourites is Delph Woods.

Gillian says Tess just loves the countryside, but she does wish there were dog bins in more places!



Another adorable pup - apparently he's been a bit of a handful (he is after all very young!) but is getting easier. 

By now this little golden retriever pup will be out & about and enjoying places like Upton Country Park.

Mitzy Buebells 2


Steve sent in a picture of Mitzy in his back garden joyfully soaring through the bluebells - what a fantastic photo!



This 2 year-old Springer enjoys Upton Country Park with Martin.


to all the other new members from April & May - many dogs (oops! and owners of course!) we had the pleasure of meeting at Dorset Dogs 'pit stops' out at places where you walk or at events - we've got some interesting little snippets & queries here - do read on!

DOG BINS - here's 2 contrasting experiences reported by new members:

- ISLA a Springer, Jan says they moved from Gloucestershire to be here on the coast.  They walk many places including Kinson Common, Cuckoo Woods, Hengistbury Head, St Catherine's Hill, Southbourne & Poole beaches and Stour River walks - they are both enjoying these and discovering new walks and Jan adds: " Good supply of dog waste bins so far, sad to find more than a few owners ignore them down here also".

 - BEN a Welsh Border Collie & BONNIE an English Springer.  Vivien  is really fed up with "Not enough dog bins..and what there was was overflowing. One has been removed from our local park and now the mess is not being cleaned up in the park" - dog bins are certainly a big issue for many people and many land managers are trying to get locations right so that there's a balance between the expense of emptying them and the benefits of having bins.  At Dorset Dogs we will continue to feedback comments to land managers as this can help to highlight particular problems. 

 - Well, what do Ben & Bonnie think? - well of course sorting out the poop is down to all of us  - the things that are important to Ben & Bonnie are that Ben loves the sea - and Bonnie can dig to Australia!

CADBURY the lab from Branksome - Frances would like us to know that 'Durlston is most unusual in its welcome [to dogs]' - yes we agree - dogs can go in the galleries, visitor centre and cafe as well as the rest of the amazing Durlston Country Park

OZZY a bichon frise/schnauzer mix from Gillingham - interested in places to walk in that area - suggestions please we don't have much info for the Gillingham area - email

PEPPER & TOPSY, a couple of Cavaliers who enjoy the South West Coast Path and walk around Dorchester, West Bay, Bridport, Burton Bradstock and Lyme Regis - Jacqueline would like to see dog friendly pubs & restaurants on the website - not surprised that's a lot of walking!

HENRY a 1 year-old black lab who enjoys Upton Heath with Patricia.

BEANZ a Patterdale/Springer cross & LILY a West Highland White, Sarah is another fan of Hengistbury Head but adds that she generally walks where there are no livestock to avoid their terrier instincts coming to the fore!

MAISIE a working dog (labrador retriever) from East Yorkshire.

MYLO a Jack Russell from Ferndown who likes 'lovely big spaces'.

YODA a Chorkie (is that a yorkieXchihuahua?) of just 13 weeks old - Tracey says "as a young very small puppy everywhere seems big compared with him, he's doing well though, he doesn't seem to be bothered by any of the sights & sounds & loves people and attention, the field we live near is a good size for him at the moment and we also visit Mudeford Quay".

RUBY a lurcher who came along to a 'Dorset Dogs pit stop' at Stanpit Recreation Ground with Peter.  She tends to wander off so needs to go to places that are relatively 'safe', one of the places she enjoys is Blackwater Arboretum in the New Forest.  Peter tells Ruby's story:  "We adopted a rescue Lurcher about 2 years ago. The first few months were very stressful because of her tendency to just walk off and keep avoiding our attempts to put her back on the lead (however subtle we tried to be).

This can still be a problem but is now managed with an orange dayglow coat/ SatNav collar ('Retrieva' - sold in Pets Corner) and pork pie. (The other great bit of kit is a 'Petloc' (only available online) locking collar/lead which makes it safer leaving her outside a shop).

We love her to bits and wouldn't change her for the world BUT would warn prospective first time dog owners that rescue sighthounds can be extremely challenging (many whippet/greyhound owners never let their dogs off the lead) and frequently run off into the distance!   Thanks for the advice Peter!

FINLAY an English Springer & REGGIE a miniature smooth Dachshund, who enjoy Talbot Woods, Redhill Common, Strouden Park and Ramsdown Plantation - now there's a list of places that are in the queue to go on our 'Out & About' pages!  Thanks for the reminder Jackie!  now all that's needed is time...

HOULI a labrador retriever with another list like Finlay & Reggie's above - Muscliffe, Throop and the Stour Valley - some smashing walks along there.

SASHA a German Shepherd from Hampshire with a caravan in Dorset and 'The Limes' his favourite B&B - so he can visit  places like Studland & Durlston!

LILY the Maltichon (Maltese cross Bichon?) who Louise says is 'the most travelled doggie ever... She comes with us in our motorhome & travels throughout Europe every year.  We plan on taking her transatlantic next year - she just loves to travel!' In Dorset Lily loved Badbury Rings & Mudeford Quay.

LOTTIE, a very sociable Bassett Hound from Eastleigh.

BELLA a labrador who at 5 months is very playful and wants to know everyone & everything - Garry takes her to Baiter Park so she's having lots of opportunity to meet other dogs, it's a Poole doggy hotspot (not recommended for dogs who don't like bicycles though!)

HARVEY a collie cross from Upwey who walks in places we don't know well and must investigate - Upwey & Teddy Bear Woods in Weymouth, and Pirates Cove, Wyke Regis.

DOYLES who currently lives with vet  nurse Claire who is looking to move to Dorset and set up a dog walking/boarding business.

LEIGHA  a staffie and ECHO a husky who enjoy Hengistbury Head with Catherine.

HOLLY a German Shepherd who visits Meyrick Park, Talbot Heath, Branksome Rec and Branksome Chine with Andy.

BEAR, EBONY, SHELL (might be 'Shrek' - let me know Ian?), EXLEY, BRUCE & BETTY all from Hamworthy - Ian adds that the Cafe Nero & Deli on Poole Quay are dog friendly cafes

HONEY a 10 year-old minature poodle who is scared of other dogs but Lydia says she "still loves to run just like a puppy".

BARNEY from Bournemouth, Susan's West Highland White - "Quite a cheeky chappie... but mellowing with age!" he's another Slades Farm fan.

Other April joiners included:

CASSIE a Golden Retriever from Poole, OBI a lab x gsd from Cheltenham, SHYLA, LUCKY & SISSI - Border Collie/Collie crosses from Ferndown, BUDDY from Poole, HATTIE & OTTO  from Southbourne, RINGO a Bichon from Ferndown, JASMINE a minature Schnauzer, DIEFENBAKER-BONGO & NOODLE a Northern Inuit & Toy Poodle, ROSIE a Border Terrier from Bournemouth, BOB, TARA, JEM & LILLY all English Springer Spaniels, DAVE the Jack Russell, ALFIE a Springer Spaniel, MOLLY  a cocker from Boscombe and MOLLY & ELVIS a Cockapoo & Yorkiepoo from Bedfordshire.

Other May joiners included:

CLAUDE a well-mannered Welsh Border Terrier from Kinson, SWEETIE & NALA Border Collies from Kinson, BELLA from Langton Matravers, SCAMP & ZUCCI a Maltese x Bichon and Springer x German Wirehaired Pointer, ROSIE a lab from Corfe Castle, POPPY a boxer x lurcher from Christchurch, MAX the Patterdale cross who loves hills! COOPER a young Cavalier, LILY & ELSA Cockers from Canford Heath, HELE a small cross who loves Durlston (Helen J have I got the name right?), JESSIE a Golden Retriever who enjoys sociable Stanpit Rec, HARRY a staffy cross, JOEY & APRIL poodle & shihtzu x cavalier from Bovington, ANGUS & KIRA who are both Staffies 'Good as gold' from Swanage, HAMISH a Border Terrier, BO, a Cavalier, for whom 'every walk is a big adventure', BENTLEY a Boxer from Wimborne, JACKSON a Flat-coated Retriever ('lovely but mad' according to Molly!), TURAN, PEGGY & BRODIE an aussie shepherd, aussie x beardie and poodle,

New members who've already used the 'join us' form or who joined at pit stops but haven't sent a photo remember you can always add your photos later, just send to: with your name and joining month!