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August 2014's new members

Bentley 1294



Bentley is a year old boxer who loves to meet other dogs on his walks that like a play and run around and then sleep it all off!

Barrie 1291


Barrie is an 8 month old English Springer Spaniel, his owner says he is very playful and energetic and can usually be found fetching one his 3 favourite balls. His No1 choice is 'The Whistler, 2nd is 'The Glow ball ' and his 3rd favourite is 'Blue Ball'.


Ralphie 1295


Ralphie is a 4 year old mixed breed, he looks like he is enjoying a well earned rest here.




Charlie Cheeseman

Charlie is a 3 year old Mini Yorkie who loves to ride in the front basket of his owners bicycle. He is Dog of the Month for August.

Crumble 1304 2


Who could not love this cheeky little dog.

Biscuit 1304



A very elegant Lurcher.

Twiggy 1304



Enjoying the sea breeze on the beach.

Ruby Holly 1290

Ruby and Holly


Bassetts who visit Dorset from Hull, they are a bit reserved when it comes to people but love other dogs.

Alonzo 1288



Alonzo lives  in Switzerland but visits Dorset  3-4 times a year, we travel with Brittany Ferries (excellent service). Alonzo fits in everywhere!!


Harvie 1280



Harvie is only 18 months old and loves the beach and sea at Weymouth.

Bonnie 1279



Bonnie loves water so somewhere she can get wet is her favourite place. She doesn't mind clean or dirty water!


Harvey 1285



Harvey lives in Bristol but loves camping in Dorset and loves the beach and going into the sea!

Jimmy Noonie 2 1286



Noonie and Jimmy below live together in Bournemouth and love walking around Queens Park Golf Club and Ham Common

Jimmy Noonie 1286


Jimmy lives with Noonie, another gorgeous German Shepherd




to all the other August new members:

Wookie -  a Mini Schnauzer who is a very happy and active dog who loves life, agility and walks especially around the Purbecks, Studland and Ham Common Beach, Wookie might be interested in finding out how dogs can help look after some of the special wildlife by not chasing the birds at Poole Harbour.

PENRY - a Cavalier cross Collie who is a great companion.

OZZI - an English Springer Spaniel who loves to be outside walking, especially coastal walks.

DELTA - a Weimaraner who loves the New Forest, Moors Valley and the beach.

MAX, POPPY and DAISY 3 rescue dogs re-homed from Stray Dogs Sanctuary and from Margaret Green Animal Rescue.

WOODY WALKIES - a very sociable crossbreed who loves meeting dogs and humans. 

JESS  - a 6 month old Border Collie cross, Brian has only recently got Jess and is still trying to train her, and finding places to go with her, the doggy do code  will be useful, it is full of information to help dog owners when out and about in the countryside.

CAESAR - an English Terrier was born in Norway and returned with his owner  2 years ago and he has learnt


ROSIE - an English Springer Spaniel

SAVANNAH and DAI - Beagles who love to walk at Cannon Hill plantation and Bytheway field in Wimborne

HARLEY and ROX - two Labrador cross pointers who love the beach.

TULA - a newly re-homed Whippet

GIGHA and SKYE - who may be seen around Swanage or Studland

CODY - a Parson Jack Russell and LUNA - a Newfoundland cross St Bernard who are new to the area.

HONEY - a 1 year old golden retriever.

DAKS - a 5 year old Labrador.

POPPY - a Jack Russell cross Cavalier who likes walks, cuddles and food.

BENJI - an 8 year old boxer who enjoys the company of other dogs.

TOBY - a 13 year old Golden Retriever.

RUBY - a yellow Labrador from West Dorset.

MIA - a Jackapoo, POOKA - a taffy cross and BELLA a Chiweanie all from Crossways

JOSHIE and STAN - mixed breeds from Poole who like Delph Woods for a walk.

New members who've already used the 'join us' form or who joined at pit stops but haven't sent a photo remember you can always add your photos later, just send to: with your name and joining month!