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August 2016 New Members

IF you send in a photo of your dog when you join online you will automatically be one of our 'Dogs of the Month'! 

Did you know Dogs of the Month have their own special class at Dorset Dogs' annual Festival. 

Don't forget we'd LOVE to see you with your dog in the photos too!

OH MY GOODNESS a plethora of puppies and pawtastic pooches joined Dorset Dogs this month!  Say hello to.....


Sophie 1751



Rebecca says "My little doggy loves people and other dogs"

This little two and a half year old Chipoo enjoys Poole Park, right next door to Whitecliff and Baiter Park.  Dorset Dogs held a pit stop there one morning recently and met more than 120 dogs out walking their people! 

One of the things we discussed was the flocks of migrating birds along our Dorset shores, as well as others seeking winter shelter.  If we can avoid getting to close we'll give them chance to rest & feed - and survive to breed successfully in the spring.  No chasing!  -  they may be exhausted already.
Some rare species come to us in internationally significant numbers - we can make sure we give them sanctuary!

Maisie 1753



Maisie relishes her visits to Swanage & Bridport.

This Old English Sheepdog loves her walks in woods and parks as well so she has a really varied life!

At one year old she is is a perfect age to be making sure her owners are well-trained in 'the doggy do code' (I'm sure you are Barry!)

We heard that some recent visitors to Swanage unfortunately found they were pushed out into the road with their young children by somebody with their dogs, it's such a shame they didn't meet Maisie instead and come away with a happier memory of dogs!

Koda 1754


This tiny Yorkshire Terrier is only 2 months old but he's looking forward to his walks.

'Mum' Megan is organising a dog walking group for small dogs, she invites 'small dog' owners to join her at 

Don't be jealous bigger doggies - you can join Dorset Dogs for 'guided walkies' instead - keep an eye on the events pages!  Join us big or small.

Latte 1761



Latte and Mocha (below) live together and share the same parents - doggy & human - but oh they are so different we hear!

They have lots of lovely walks around east Dorset & the New Forest area, with Steamer Point being a favourite.

So, who's who in the doggy dos....

Mocha 1761



...well 2 year old Mocha the black lab we hear is easy to train, but Latte, the chocolate one (above) is very challenging - but Ron says they will of course persevere - it certainly looks like Latte has his laid-back moments Ron!





Hulk is a Portlander with a penchant for Thorncombe Wood just outside Dorchester - we agree with you there Hulk, it's a great place and even has a dog-friendly cafe! 

- Find out more about Thorncombe Wood on our Out & About pages. 

There's a Fungus Foray at Thorncombe Wood on Sunday 9 October, you can go along (with your dog on lead if you take them too), or you may like to join Dorset Dogs for a guided walkies at Upton Country Park that day - you'll find both events on our 'Events' page


Blaze 1752



Katy says: Fletch is an Irish rescue who adopted me the summer that I qualified as a veterinary surgeon (2008) and has since spent a number of years as my co-worker in both my veterinary roles and running my home dog boarding business  'Wagging Tails'.

Fletch is a 9 year old Springer, and like many of our members he's a great fan of Hengistbury Head!



lola 1757



Chelsea lives with Scooby and Trisha, who says they enjoy Sandbanks beach or river walks - spot the watery theme there!

Chelsea is a Chocolate Labrador with a big smile.

Millie 1756



Millie's an Old Tyme Bulldog - going back to a conformation that tends to have fewer health problems.

She certainly looks full of vitality! 

Millie lives with the Mystery dogs below!

Mystery staffie one 1756


Mystery Staffie one
- aha! - just heard this is Diesel

smashing photo!
Mystery staffie too 1756


 Mystery Staffie Too!
- aha just heard too - 'Sky'

...and another one!  I guess they like to be enigmatic! 

Dawn says all 3 of her dogs are happy, contented dogs who do like to say hi, they are fans of Hengistbury Head and Stour Valley.


New members who've already used the 'join us' form or who joined at pit stops - if you didn't send in a photo remember you can always add your photos later, just send to: with your name and a bit about your dog and/or where you like to walk.  Don't forget we'd love to see you in the photo too!

ARCHIE ​- A Terrier cross from Guy's Marsh who loves running free and whose soft fur means he's 'like a teddy bear'

HENRY ​- Who's a beach-loving wood-walking Beagle (especially Sandbanks & Whitecliff, Baiter & Lilliput).

NELLY  - A little one-year old who enjoys Bournemouth's parks & beaches.

SHONA & TARQUELLA - inseparable sisters, nothing can be done without the other 'Double Trouble'! They enjoy one of our favourite places, Delph Woods, Gravel Hill road may be closed but you can still reach them via the Castleman Trailway.

DUDLEY -  A Spetisburian Staffie cross Lab who enjoys Studland beach.

If your dog is not a member yet you can find out about the doggy do code and join here to receive your free members pack.