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Dorset Dogs Summer 2014 newsletter

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Are you enjoying this gorgeous weather with your dogs?  What a difference from the mudbath of last winter…

Events & walking

Don't forget there's plenty of events through the summer on the events pages, and the out & about pages have lots of information about places you may already walk & new places you might like to explore, including beach info.   The 'information' pages are growing too.

New members

Welcome to all the new members who have joined this year; the new members webpage is running a couple of months behind, so if you haven't sent a photo in yet - go ahead, you've got time!

Pit stops

I've had the pleasure of meeting many existing and new members out at the places you walk, don't forget you can also keep in touch with us & other DD members and share all sorts of doggy info on our Facebook page

Ground-nesting birds

We'll still in the season for young ground-nesting birds, many people I meet at pit stops already know about the ground-nesting nightjars & skylarks and low-nesting Dartford Warblers on their heath or downland sites and are enjoying seeing and hearing them (though I've been told the nightjars are rather raucous for those living nearby - but still a pleasure to hear!)  I've had feedback from some land managers that people are generally doing a good job of keeping their dogs on the path in the areas where birds are currently nesting on the ground so that should give the birds a much better chance.


Many areas are also seeing improvements in picking up the poop - there's still a long way to go but Dorset Dogs are doing their bit to promote picking up - Dorset Dog members comments show just how strongly you feel about this,  especially as it's one of the key things that make such a difference to whether or not we're welcomed with our dogs.

Securely fenced off-lead areas

Lots of people have mentioned the problems they have trying to find securely-fenced sites to train and exercise their dogs and this is something Dorset Dogs has been working on.  There are more public open spaces with secure fencing in the pipeline right now and we will promote those once they're up and running.  We're still looking for secure sites for sole use sessions too, this is proving to be difficult but there is some light on the horizon - check out the events pages of the website for a secure site in the Purbeck area that will be available soon, there is a viewing session there on Sunday (June 22).  Even if you live outside Purbeck you may be able to travel to enjoy a monthly or fortnightly training or exercise session there if you normally have to keep your dog on a lead?  For more information on that take a look at the events page.


If you're a member and haven't received this newsletter by email please let us know at - we may have an old email address for you?

Here's wishing you and your dogs a happy, vibrant summer!