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Enjoying south-east Dorset with Your Dog

Great places to walk in south-east Dorset

Dorset Dogs' leaflet 'Enjoying Dorset with your dog -  ­ great places to walk in south-east Dorset'; includes a map and advice about how you and your dog can safely enjoy our fantastic rural and urban countryside, including advice about wildlife and other features to be aware of when you're out walking.

17 dog-friendly sites are included, ranging from urban parks to beaches and rural forests, a diverse mix with some offering an enjoyable 20 minute walk whilst others link to local trails providing the option to tire out even the most energetic of dogs!

You can find out more about all the places featured in the leaflet on the 'Out & About' pages.

The free leaflet is available from libraries, tourist information centres and visitor centres across south-east Dorset and can also be downloaded here (nb it's a big file to download, about 8mb).

Great places to walk across the WHOLE of Dorset! - coming soon

We are now working on a leaflet covering the whole of Dorset - get in touch if you know of a lovely place you can take your dog for off-lead walks and it may be included! We check with the people who look after or own the places we include.


Enjoy s-e Dorset leaflet