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Feb & March 2016 New Members


Local dog Gypsy and visitors Brady & Willow are February's Dogs of the Month

Gypsy 1640


"Gypsy is very loving family dog and talks a lot. Loves to carry very large sticks!! However for safety she carries a ball on her walks!!! "

Sarah is a dog walker (we have a page for commercial dog walkers with contact details for those that follow the doggy do code) so knows some of the best places! 

Her favourites include Delph Woods, Badbury Rings (part of the Kingston Lacy National Trust estate - find 12 great routes here), Cannon Hill & Upton Country Park & Wareham Forest - what a great selection and you will find nearly all of those on the out & about pages.

Brady 1648Willow 1648



Brady & Willow have a holiday caravan in Dorset and Sharon takes them to lovely Ashdown Forest near Shaftesbury when they visit from East Grinstead. 





They really enjoy Stour Meadows in Blandford and the beaches at Bournemouth & Weymouth too - great beaches for dogs who love water!

Brady is a male Bernese x Collie whilst Willow is a female Bernese Mountain Dog.

Dory 1657

Dory, Monty, Spiros and Teddy are March's Dogs of the Month


Adoryble? (Groan.  I know, sorry. Irresistyble).

Border Collie x Spaniel Dory lives with Tracy, who explains that 3 of their dogs are rescued from Greece.

Monty 1657

Monty a Border Terrier x Jack Russell of 13 years old. 

These dogs have such a lovely, active life - also enjoying  walks at the Kingston Lacy National Trust countryside estate, Uddens, Cannon Hill, Hengistbury Head, Sandbanks Beach, Whitesheet and Pamphill.

Spiros 1657


Now, Tracy and David say that Spiros is a Griffon x whilst Teddy is a Cockerpoo

Teddy 1657


- I'm hoping I got them the right way around!  But the tufts by the one above's nose are rather Griffon-y?  But then cockerpoos can be tufty too so I could be wrong!

Molly 1634

A Trio of Molls!

This must be a record! Three bitches with the same name all in one month:


"...loves walking, hates rain!" Nik tells us.

This miniature labradoodle is a regular walker at Hengistbury Head (one of DD members' favourite places) and Nik also recommends Mudeford Quay to Highcliffe Castle, Upton Country Park and Matchams.

Molly 1649


This chocolate lab loves to go to the beach and swim at the weekends, and strolling historically around Maiden Castle and Poundbury during the week.



She's a happy member of the Muddy Puddles gang - another one you can find on the Wagipawdia commercial dog walkers page!

Pepe 1643


This young Beagle picks up the scent of foxes very easily, so Fernanda mentions how important fences are for them, even though Pepe does come back secure fencing gives them peace of mind for if he gets carried away by his beagle nose!

Mitzi 1635


Mitzi is a Jack Russell who lives with Dink (below) in Weymouth.  Great explorers, favourites include Moors Valley, Pirates Cove, Wareham Forest & Upton Country Park

Dink 1635

Dink, Nancy & Jack Dink is a Poodle x Chihuahau and, on their great travels with Roma, Mitzi & Dink, Nancy & Jack (two more of the family of Jack Russells) delight in exploration through geocaching.

Rufus 1653


..would you believe, this German Short-haired Pointer had a very difficult life at one time!  He lives with two more rescue dogs, Stella & Bracken (who you can see below)

Freyja 1654


What a co-incidence! Another German Short-haired Pointer, Freyja prefers rural and coastal walks.

Bailey 1637


One of a tremendous tribe of Cavalier King Charles spaniels, here's Bailey!  The rest of the tribe..

Maple, Karma, Pecan, Poppy & Fidget

...are rescued dogs. Some of their walks include Whitecliff, Sandbanks, Branksome Chine (someone knows the dog-friendly beaches! Check out the Out & About pages for beach info) and Upton Country Park.  For a special day out they also cross the Sandbanks Ferry on their travels.

Stella 1653

Stella here's Rufus' mate Stella the lurcher...

Bracken 1653


and here's Bracken, another Pointer who completes the trio.

Toby Tilly Lucy 1639

Toby, Tilly & Lucy

Toby's only 5 months old so he has a shorter walk with his littler legs, whilst Maggie takes Tilly & Lucy for longer walks - these Golden Retrievers from Ringwood love Hengistbury Head.



B-J attends obedience classes and is up to gold!  Weymouth Beach and the Nothe are favourite places for him and best mate Zebadee.


Jasmine 1646


Katie says that living in Southampton they walk all over the New Forest, but they often holiday in Weymouth - and Jasmine just loves the beach and mud!

Rosie 1660


This attentive German Shepherd is being trained to enter working trials, she's a lively girl who enjoys Holt, Cannon Hill and Ferndown playing fields.

Copper 1661


A young Beagle-in-training who's getting to know the Chines and the beaches.

Kobie 1662


A little Tibetan (stag?) with a big sense of humour and a  love of running!

Darcey 1658


This Cavajack follows the seasons - beach in winter and forest in summer!

Favourite places include Branksome Beach, Queen's Park and Lulworth Cove.



New members who've already used the 'join us' form or who joined at pit stops - if you didn't send in a photo remember you can always add your photos later, just send to: with your name and a bit about your dog and/or where you like to walk.  Don't forget we love to see you in the photo too!

SHIDA & MINNIE ​- Helen says ' Shida is a rescue dog and has made herself very much at home, Minnie hasn't known a bad day in her life!'.  Shida is a Siberian Husky whilst Minnie is a Boston Terrier, a distinctive couple who are new to the area so they're still exploring!  The 'out & about'  & 'events' pages will be great to find out more!

SOX - a happy Staffie who loves to run around Upton Country Park & likes to say hello - Estelle says Wareham Forest is also a favourite.

INKA - a Schnauzer who will soon be moving with Gabriella to Dorset, from Hertfordshire (they can't wait!)

BUBS & WOLF- labs who are new to the area and getting to know Branksome Chine & beach and Upton Country Park with Jo.

DIZZY - another welcome newcomer, a Cavapoo who lives on Portland with Kerry.

MURPHY - a Springer Spaniel - Kath says the clue's in the name - "..he springs!  Bundle of energy and a nose in everything!' Moreton Forest and Thorncombe are 2 of the great places he visits - find those on the out and about pages too!

MAX -  a retriever cross, he's worried at the moment about finding enough dog-friendly beaches in the Weymouth area so if you've any recommendations do let us know at and we'll pass your thoughts on?

CHARLIE - a golden lab who's a fan of sniffin' and swimmin'

JAY - a strong German Shepherd

LEO - a Dalmatian who enjoys Hengistbury Head.

GILLIE - a little Powderpuff who can be a little shy around bigger dogs so she will be grateful if you follow the doggy do code's advice and ask before you approach, big doggies!

DESMOND - a little puppy from Sturminster Newton who's so young he doesn't even do walkies yet!

OSCAR, JESS & PENNY - a little tribal mix of labs and crossbreed who love Wareham and Puddletown Forest - but Lynne adds 'everywhere in Dorset is lovely - so long as I have my dogs with me!'

A lovely pup who's name we've been asked not to mention who 'brings joy every day' - you know who you are!

SHEENA a yorkie/maltese who's coming from Hamburg to visit us for 2 months in the summer and would like to meet other dogs and doggie people around Bournemouth (Hengistbury Head might be a good place to start Britta?)

TRIXIE (JR), CRUNCHIE (Long-haired Chihuahua) and SWEET PEA a Yorkie.






If your dog is not a member yet you can find out about the doggy do code and join here to receive your free members pack.