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February 2014's new members

Toby ed


Sarah's sent us this charming picture of Toby when he was just a pup! 

'He’ll be 6 on 1st April this year though is still very puppy-like in a lot of ways. Perhaps it comes down to being an April Fool!

He is very friendly and bouncy, and loves to greet people to my house'.

Toby is a cocker spaniel who enjoys walking 'anywhere along the coast' and at Puddletown Forest - look out for new information about the Forest soon on our 'Out & About' pages and you'll find photos of Puddletown Forest already on our Facebook page

Casey ed


Casey is a lovely female staffie-collie cross who's 3 years old, Gloria tells us she's not keen on squirrels!

Favourite places to walk include Meryick Park & Bournemouth beaches - find out about those and many more on our 'Out & About' pages.



Poppy ed


Poppy is a 6 year-old golden retriever who lives near Moors Valley and
Forest areas, so Ann says she has are excellent dog walking facilities in the area with plenty of space for exercising.


Chica ed



... and here's Poppy's pal & housemate Chica, a 6 year-old lurcher shown enjoying our waterlogged walks!

Siska ed


Siska is a lovely little 3 year-old male who is 'a very obedient, fun-loving chap, with inexhaustable energy'.  He does look like a bright little spark doesn't he?

Chudleigh ed



Handsome Chudleigh is a German Short haired Pointer. 

He's just 7 months old and as Pauline & Chudleigh are new to the area they are still exploring great places to walk in Dorset.


to all the other new members from February :

PATCH the 16 month-old collie who just HATES the sound of beeping crossings - but LOVES Kings Park in Bournemouth.

TEDDY a Lhasa Apso of 11 & JESSIE, who's a 2 year-old Jack Russell they are both rescued dogs and get on really well, bouncing around favourite places like Potterne Park & Sandbanks beach.

BANDIT a chihuahua & ROLLY a minature poodle who 'love to run and play' at places like Golden Cap and Fontmell & Melbury Down

MAX & MILLIE - labradors from Poole, fans of Poole's parks!

LOUIE an 8 month old Cockerpoo who's looking forward to his first visit to the beach.

New members who've already used the 'join us' form or who joined at pit stops but haven't sent a photo remember you can always add your photos later, just send to: with your name and joining month!