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Old Harry rocks guided dog walk!

We had a wonderful walk with lots of people and dogs!  The dogs were all so good with each other, played on the beach, bounced peacefully past some sheep and cattle and at the end they all looked like they were smiling - we had a whale of a time!

Natural England asked us to highlight a key message for this time of year whilst on the walk - it's a simple one, just asking that we don't let our dogs set to flight the flocks of birds overwintering in Poole Harbour and around Studland.  Over the winter they may be exhausted from migration and in poor condition, so repeated disturbance is affecting their survival.  (This would apply at other places where flocks of  birds gather for the winter too of course). Some of the birds we have overwintering in Dorset are really rather special click here to find out more. 

The walk was led by Dorset Dogs and the National Trust, from South Beach at Studland out to Old Harry Rocks and on to Ballard Down.  We talked about lots of things on the way - mainly our dogs, naturally!  If you'd like to do the walk you can find the route here:

Old Harry walk

Yee hah on the beach

Yeehah on South Beach, Studland!

Snoopy Eva Molly Herbie and Casper

Snoopy, Eva, Molly, Herbie and Casper enjoying off-lead time on the beach

On the way to Old Harry
On the way to Old Harry  (the cliff edge is hidden by scrub here but signs 
it's there so you know and can put leads on, quite a few dogs have
fallen chasing rabbits through the undergrowth here, unaware of the cliff)

samjake1 009 (500x331)

Up near Old Harry and Aemelia from the National Trust tells us about the 
local history and some fascinating local doggy facts!  (Did you know there 
are 19 dog bins at Studland!  Great for its many doggy visitors,
it's busy all year round.) 

Pippa asleep after walk     

Karen sent this smashing photo of Pippa asleep after the walk - she said:
"Was great fun.  Thanks for letting us join you! Pippa is now fast asleep in the
caravan"  you may recognise Pippa from 'Yee-hah' photo above!

If you'd like to see even more photos and comments from some of the people
who came along, go to 17 Oct.