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July 2014's new members

Kachina wolf dog


Kachina - joint Dog of the Month with Timon

Kachina is a 5th generation wolf dog who lives with Ginny and housemate Mutley.  Ginny told us "We live in the middle of nowhere surrounded by woods and fields and have a good selection of walks right outside our home. :-)

With a wolf dog it is slightly different in taking her for walks avoiding lots of people but where we live that is no problem as we rarely see another person let alone dogs!"



Timon 1

Timon  - joint Dog of the Month with Kachina

Timon looks like he's smiling just at the very thought of visiting Dorset!

He's an 11 month-old Staffie cross from Biddulph, he loves a good walk, run and a sniff and can't wait for his summer visit to explore West Dorset!

Bruce pug


Sophia sent in this fantastic photo of Bruce after joining and said:

"I have just received my pack through the post for Bruce and I would like to say thanks for sending it. There's lots of fab information in there and new walks to try out.

I've attached a photo of Bruce for the new members page. He is now 16 weeks old, a Pug and completely nuts but very much loved by the whole family. He loves walks at Poor Common and Sandbanks Beach and Slades Farm and is currently wondering why our two cats won't play with him. One runs so he chases and the other tells him who's boss but tolerates him :)"

Mutley retriever setter cross



...and here's Mutley, who's a 9 year-old flatcoat retriever x setter who lives with Timon.

Ginny says "My dogs are my world - I am also a Reiki practitioner for dogs and believe in mutual trust, love, respect and understanding between animal and human - your dog tells you everything you need to know".




Minniemiss is a young labradoodle of 2 and a half who obviously enjoys the beach! 

Simon says she also loves swimming at Mudeford and is very well socialised.  She likes the airport too!

Barney show cocker



Ahh another lovely pup - so many young ones joining this month! 

Barney is a show cocker spaniel who's now 8 months old, Emma says he enjoys a good walk through from Potterne Park to Moors Valley.  He's also a fan of nearby forest at Ringwood and Verwood. 

Coco pointer setter cross



Rob told us that Coco is a "Full of energy rescue dog that just loves to run, looking for new and exciting places to visit with the whole family" sounds like great fun, she often investigates Delph Woods and the Castleman Trailway

She's a pointer/setter cross who's just 6 months old.

Benson and Reece

Benson & Reece

just text/email both names if voting for Dog of the Month

Julie tells us "Benson is a love but dislikes getting dirty or wet he will sit down if he has a twig on his fur and will not move until I take it off. Reece on the other hand loves to run with Bo.

Reece likes to grumble and make his presence known - only since he was attacked.

What can I say about the walks and beach - we live in a beautiful part of the world".


Bo black lab



....Bo lives with long-haired dachshunds Benson & Reece, she is a 6 year-old female lab.

Julie says "..Bo is very bouncy, loves a good run and play. Can be nervous of people when they put their hand to her, but if I meet new people I say just ignore her and let her come to you. She lets Benson & Reece take toys and chews from her."

Parsley Cavachon



Parsley's a gorgeous little Cavachon (CavalierxBichon Frise?) who Lesley says 'is very loving but not very bright' - ahhh don't let Parsley hear you say that Lesley! 

He's quite the little explorer, out & about at Creekmoor Ponds, Upton Country Park and Poole Park.

Alfie JRT



Alfie's a 1 year-old Jack Russell, Susie's looking for somewhere safe to let him off lead and work on his recall - that's a big issue for many people and something we discussed in our summer newsletter - there's so few secure places and a big demand. 

There was a possible site in Purbeck near Durlston but the landowner needs more people to be able to travel to that location to make it worth securely fencing the stunning location offered by California Farm, so at the moment we're still looking! 

There's a fenced area with agility equipment at Slades Farm but it's so popular that we've been told it can be a bit too busy for some dogs!  A great place to check out if you have a sociable dog though.

Maisie JRT



Maisie is Alfie's 13 year old housemate - isn't she endearing with her 'interested' ears!  Also a Jack Russell, and one who has enjoyed many a lovely walk with Susie in the Purbecks.

Sam or Poppy

Sam or Poppy!

just text/email both names if voting for Dog of the Month

Sam & Poppy are American Toy cockapoos, Sam is three and Poppy is just 6 months - now I'm not sure which is which, they're equally adorable!

Jackie visits Dorset often with Sam & Poppy as he has a holiday home and when he's here they are just a few steps away from Durdle Door.

Jackie says  "My favourite place in high season is about 5.30pm onwards at Shell Bay - take the dogs and family have a BBQ and walk the dogs while the kids play - heaven 😊 - wow that does sound amazing Jackie!


Poppy or Sam

Poppy or Sam

just text/email both names if voting for Dog of the Month

... Jackie added "We love taking them on the beach and for country walks.

My dogs are so friendly, so love to meet people and other dogs. They are also related as they are uncle & niece.  At home in Buckinghamshire we live on a lake so love nature".🐢🐢

Riley rough collie




Looks like Riley might have been in the wars with those bandaged feet but those socks are very fetching!  

Riley's a 3 year-old collie who lives with Milly.




...and here's Milly, a 7 year-old border collie cross modelling the latest in now-you-see-it hairstyles.

Riley & Milly live in Sturminster Marshall but we're told they'd love to be closer to the beach!

loki 10 weeks(1)



Loki at just 13 weeks old. This lovely little pup is a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, how unusual! 

Being so young he's on short walks at the moment, newly discovering places like Upton Country Park and Hamworthy Beach.

Eva or Baloo Great Dane 1


Eva or Baloo!

just text/email both names if voting for Dog of the Month

"Great Danes are huge loveable lumps so don't worry if you see one, they just want to play!" - That's Sharon's advice, and she should know!

She added "We love the beach at Lyme Regis and Undercliff, also Charmouth Beach and Stonebarrow".

Baloo or Eva great dane


Baloo or Eva

just text/email both names if voting for Dog of the Month

...sorry Sharon not sure which is which but aren't they gorgeous!

Baloo's a boy and Eva's a girl. I'm guessing this way around but let me know if that's not right!

Angus GSD


Angus & Logan

just text/email both names if voting for Dog of the Month

Angus is a 9 month-old German Shepherd Dog (GSD) who's a fan of Moreton Plantation  (that's one still waiting on the list for our 'Out & About' pages but there's a photo album on Facebook) and Logan (not pictured) is a 10 year-old Westie, an unusual pair!

Lenny new


Lenny & Alex

Globe-trotting Lenny is only 13 months old and already looks pretty stately! 

He's a Labrador Retriever who was born in Vancouver Island, Canada and now trots along to Hengistbury Head with Maggie from Westbourne.

Alex lives with Lenny & Maggie too, he loves swimming so I'm guessing he's a great fan of the beach at Hengistbury too!

Oops.  I asked Maggie for further info and maybe a photo of Alex.  I thought it was strange she didn't send one  - but no wonder!  It turns out Alex is Maggie's husband.  It was Lenny who loves swimming - but apparently Alex does too, so what the heck we'll leave it there!

Candy 1



Candy is a smashing long-haired dachshund of 10 years old from Weymouth.

Carole says "She is a very affectionate and loyal dog but has a huge bark for strangers and their dogs but I think that is just to protect us!".

The Trailway at Blandford is a favourite walk, whilst nearer to home Candy enjoys her walks around the Rec at Preston.

Mac JRT pom cross



This handsome little guy is a Jack Russell x Pomeranian who lives on Portland so he can have a great time enjoying Portland Bill and doing his favourite thing - meeting other dogs.

Rosie border collie



Rosie is a 9 year-old who's registered as an International Sheepdog.

She's pictured in a lovely grassy place for dogs and people too - Nea Meadows, which is also a local nature reserve in the Christchurch area.




8 year-old Springer Spaniel Bruiser looks so happy! 

That figures - Richard says "He's fun, very loving and part of a loving family that spoils him".

Upton Country Park is one of his favourite family places.


Mandy King



Mandy King

Mandy is a smashing 4 year-old Springer from Corfe Mullen who loves visiting Hamworthy Rec and Delph Woods.

Mandy joined in June - thank you for remembering to send a photo in Mr King!

Roly Hawkins 1


Roly Hawkins

Here's an unusual cross - greyhound and staffie.

Helen says he's an adorable Battersea rescue dog who loves to run but at 9 years old gets a bit puffed out now!

Bella mini labradoodle 1


Ahhhh ANOTHER pup pic! 

This little mini labradoodle is now 3 and Pamela says "Bella loves everybody and everything - especially water!" .  She lives in Lymington but often visits Dorset coast or countryside.



to all the other July new members:

POPPET & TINKER, little Yorkies who enjoy Stanpit Rec, Nea Meadows, Highcliffe Beach & Steamer Point on their walks with Geraldine.

Mrs Dorothy Frank - a new member who no longer has her own dog - a lovely sprightly lady who loves dogs and now helps other people on their dog walks around Nea Meadows.

KASSI a young Westie who walks Nea Meadows.

Have you noticed Nea Meadows has lots of fans this month? - there was a Dorset Dogs information pit stop at this lovely local nature reserve - so we've lots of new members from the Christchurch area.

HARLEY a beagle who enjoys Nea Meadows & the beach.

BILLY an unusual young basset-poodle cross who revels on the beach!

OLLIE another 'very good-natured' collie cross.

STAMFORD & HUGO, cocker spaniels who joined at a pit stop at Upton Junior School's wet but wonderful summer fair.

GEORGE the cocker who loves Upton Country Park - and loves water even more!

KIPPER a lab & TIA a shihtzu who live in Weymouth and regularly walk at Wyke Park & recommend Bowleaze Cove beach (that's another one to add to the 'out & about' page).

LOTTIE a collie/lab cross - Helen commented that 'unfortunately, and without exception, wherever we walk Lottie there are still dog owners not picking up after their animals.  It is still a real problem". - If only people would follow the doggy do code!

BIGGLES a springer who's a rescue from DAWG - Dorset Animal Workers Group, he's a fan of the Blandford part of the North Dorset Trailway & Stour Meadows.

MOLLY a young Parsons Jack Russell who enjoys Cogdean Beach ( a great West Dorset favourite), the New Forest and Badbury Rings.

MAX a lurcher who Caroline enjoys taking to Wareham Forest, as well as the Purbecks, Holes Bay & Hamworthy Common beach - Max was a rescue from the RSPCA who had suffered neglect & abuse as a puppy and was not socialised but is now 'very affectionate & just wants to please'.

NORTHGRANGE DUCHESS a wonderful 3 year-old German Shepherd who has passed all Good Citizenship awards - Bronze, Silver & Gold.

REGGIE the bulldog & MILLIE the staffie who enjoy Martin Down & Potterne Park

MANGO an Irish Terrier from Portland.

ROXI a JRT from Portland, poor girl suffers from food allergies (maybe that's why she doesn't like anything too strenuous?)

ZAPPA a 3 year-old poodle from SWEDEN!  We should be called 'International Dorset Dogs' now! - we've got members who visit Dorset from many different countries!

ROSIE a brindle Boxer of 10 years old who doesn't enjoy the summer heat so should be getting a bit more comfortable right about now!

DENZEL a 2 year old staffie who lives in Lymington but is particularly fond of Badbury Rings - join the club Rory!

CLEMENTINE an English Bulldog - who loves water 'or more precisely MUD' (know the feeling Sue) and JAKE an English Bull Terrier,both fans of Hengistbury Head.

BENTLEY a yorkie cross of just 4 weeks!

TOM a young lab and MEGAN a senior JRT who enjoy some lovely North Dorset places - Spetisbury Rings, Badbury Rings, Witchampton, Eyebridge and Pamphill - magical Dorset names!

DANNY a Jack Russell from Swanage.

NUTMEG a cockerpoo of just 5 months who 'goes mad when long grass is around' - that's an unusual one!

BEAUTY yet another JRT fan of magical Badbury Rings.  She's nervous, so it's kinder to take note when Peter mentions that when you meet her.

HOLLY & TARKA who are border terriers. Jenny mentions she does her best to clear up litter left by others and even dog poo - but she can't do it all!  Well done Jenny, we share your exasperation!

SOX a miniature JRT of just 6 months old.

KIKI a springer x pom - we have had some unusual crosses this month!  Kiki is 14 months old, we'd love to see her photo!

New members who've already used the 'join us' form or who joined at pit stops but haven't sent a photo remember you can always add your photos later, just send to: with your name and joining month!