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July 2016 New Members

O-o I may get in a bit of trouble here - but if you send in a photo of your dog when you join online you will automatically be one of our 'Dogs of the Month'!  I just can't bear to pick out one from all the fabulous new members... they're all special in their own way!  So here we go with all of July's 'Dogs of the Month'!  Did you know Dogs of the Month have their own special class at Dorset Dogs' annual Festival.  Don't forget we'd LOVE to see you with your dog in the photos too!
Florence 1744


Special girl Florence won Dorset Dog of the Year 2016 at the annual Festival!  She's will have a little article all to herself on the social page shortly - so shhh I won't say too much here!

Favourite places include several of the most popular places for dogs in south-east Dorset, so that's Sandbanks, Hamworthy Park, Upton Country Park and  Hamworthy Beach.

Peppa 1743


Peppa is a lovely 2 year old Brittany - often referred to as a spaniel apparently they are more like a pointer or setter.

Peppa is an assistance dog who rather likes to run after birds when off-duty  - so you need to check out our pages about birds and dogs Peppa!  There's information about coastal birds during autumn and winter here dogs and coastal birds and the doggy do code tells us how to help ground-nesting birds here

Odin 1740




Odin is a friendly 4 month old Belgian Malinois who likes to visit Slades Farm.

Slades is actually a public open space with fields and woodland, as well as including an enclosed doggy play space, children's playground and surfaced paths around playing fields.

Find out more about Slades on the 'Out & About' pages.




Dotty is a Jack Russell cross who loves a wander around Blandford's green spaces, including The Milldown.

Lisa said "Dotty is a rescue dog, we got her when she was 9 months old and originally comes from Northern Ireland. Dotty loves the beach but hasn't quite figured out the waves yet so she enjoys it when we go to Moreton Ford for a good swim!"

Interestingly, Lisa also said "I'm originally from Nottingham so when I moved down here I struggled to find places which were dog friendly. Its very hard when you come to a new place and don't know the area so I am pleased I found your website to help with that. I was very shocked to see there are more dog friendly places up north than down here."

Let's hope Dorset turns out to be just as dog-friendly Lisa!  We're developing the 'Out & About' & 'dog-friendly' pages all the time so keep in touch.

Tarka 1738


Nine year-old Tarka the pug is a beach baby - loving Southbourne beach as well as walkies in the Tuckton area & Throop Mill.


Fletch 1733




Katy says: Fletch is an Irish rescue who adopted me the summer that I qualified as a veterinary surgeon (2008) and has since spent a number of years as my co-worker in both my veterinary roles and running my home dog boarding business  'Wagging Tails'.

Fletch is a 9 year old Springer, and like many of our members he's a great fan of Hengistbury Head!




Chelsea 1749


Chelsea lives with Scooby and Trisha, who says they enjoy Sandbanks beach or river walks - spot the watery theme there!

Chelsea is a Chocolate Labrador with a big smile.

Scooby 1749


Scooby came from a local rescue charity, he's a photogenic 4 year-old Great Dane.

Buddy 1672



Buddy is a new member of  Annabelle's family, joining Monty the Chihuahua who became a Dorset Dogs member in April.

This 7 month old is Monty's new best friend! 

Cassie Khaly 1732

 Cassie & Khaly

Trudy says Cassie the Rough Collie and Khaly the Collie x Aussie Shepherd love their training classes with Karen.

They love the sea and in summer head for Whitecliff ' a friendly place' and also enjoy Upton Country Park

katie 1738


Susan says "Katie used to have two Cavalier sisters, since losing them Katie now has taken on doing little things that they did. Like knocking on the cupboard door for treats as Sophie did or bashing her bottom on the side of the bed or sofa as our Molly used to!"

She sounds like quite a character!  Katie lives in London but loves to run on Dorset's beaches including West Bay.

Ollie 1726


Linda told us

'Ollie was a rescue dog when he was 2. He came from Ireland where he had been shot by a farmer for being near sheep. He was in a bad way with multiple pellet wounds and a collapsed lung but we could see he had a lovely nature and after nursing him back to health he has repaid us wih so much love. I live in Farnborough but we have a caravan so spend much of the summer there'. 

The doggie do code tells us how we can look after our dogs near livestock to keep both them and the grazing animals safe.

Pebbles 1748


Pebbles is an unusual Akita-Staffie cross, Elisabeth told us she's a playful dog who loves to run around with other dogs at places like Moors Valley and Potterne Park - but she can be a bit stubborn sometimes!

Rosie 1727
Rosie and ....

Lovely 13 year old Rosie is a Jack Russell cross who lives with Rosie, Max and Sarge...



Max 1727


...14 year old Golden Retriever cross Max loves to paddle,  and Sarge the Rhodesian Ridgeback is an enigma as we don't have a photo of him yet...

But all 3 love to visit Upton Country Park!

Sarge 1727

....& Sarge

and now Jo has sent the photo so thanks to the joys of modern technology  we can add him to the page...

He is a 12 year old Ridgeback who loves his couch and nice sunny spot when he is not walking at Upton Country Park.

Jo also added 'Thank you so much for the lovely website and the great members pack! We have already started exploring more of the dog friendly walks. One of our new favourites is Longmeadow. '

Well thank you Jo and glad to hear you're finding the website useful!

Bill 1724

Bill & Tess

Bill and Tess are Rottweilers - whilst Bill loves playing with his ball Tess prefers to wash the cats in the morning 'especially Mitchel' ! 

Buffy 1742


Lisa says both Buffy & Misha are rescued from Cyprus.

Buffy has been with them since the age of six months.



...Misha & Buffy like to explore dorset's brilliant coast & countryside, including places like Lulworth Cove and the range walks.

Max 1745


Max is a mini Schnauzer who is always ready to play! 

There's a great community of Schnauzer owners in Dorset.



This soppy Chocolate Lab is 'forever hungry, and sociable to the point of awkwardness!' says Jenny.

Favourite place?  Badbury Rings on the wonderful Kingston Lacy estate.  There are a whole network of public paths across the wider estate too.

Badbury Rings is a hillfort with amazing views.  It often has grazing animals on site, conservation grazing to maintain its amazing flora, as well as lots of other doggy and human visitors, and some of the downland fields in the area are especially managed to allow ground-nesting birds to thrive, so as always we need to be aware of the 'doggy do code' there to make sure we remain welcome!

Minnie 1746


This little Sprollie is another fan of Slades open space in Bournemouth - but even more of a fan of a ball on the beach!

Sabine 1737


Little Sabine is only 3 months old! She's so young that at the moment this little minature dachshund is often carried for her walk - bet she's enjoying all the smells of summer and lots of cuddles!


New members who've already used the 'join us' form or who joined at pit stops - if you didn't send in a photo remember you can always add your photos later, just send to: with your name and a bit about your dog and/or where you like to walk.  Don't forget we love to see you in the photo too!

LOUIS ​- A Springer x lab who loves Dorset's woods and beaches.

JAKE ​- Carrie-Ann says this Jack Ruselll likes to go "Any where with lots of open space for Jake to get a good run/exercise. But something for the kids/families too. Upton park is good for this as is aimed at both".

MADDY,  PASLODE, OSCAR, ECHO & BAILEY  - A 'happy balanced bunch' of Shaftesbury staffies.

BROOKE - a Hungarian Viszla and LOLA a pug.

LUCY & EVIE -  West Highland Terriers  who enjoy the disabled access at a nature reserve in Swanage as well as a romp at Studland.

BELLA & PENNY - A Golden Retriever & a Rough Collie who will be visiting us in August. Bella loves swimming in the sea, walks in the woods and country parks, Denise says she's going to love her holiday in Dorset as there are no dog-friendly beaches where they come from in Essex!!  They live in Penny is a princess and doesn't like getting her hair messed up. Bella is a tomboy and loves to be in the action she loves swimming in the sea, and walks in the woods


If your dog is not a member yet you can find out about the doggy do code and join here to receive your free members pack.