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June 2014's new members

Juno 2


With a name like Juno this 4 year old border terrier just had to be June's Dog of the Month!

We know he's a lovely little chap as he visited the Dorset Dogs pit stop when we went to Portland's 'Festival of the Sea' recently, he was a little smasher who had a quiet relax in the shade with us.  

Juno lives on Portland so walks the Portland paths and also enjoy Church Ope Cove beach, the Coast Path around Portland, Weymouth Beach in the winter and the Fleet.

Sheila told us "Juno is tagged and chipped, he returns on the whistle - so long as a bunny doesn't distract him - which means that when he's on Portland he is mainly on the lead!"  Sounds like he's pretty good at following the doggy do code, with a bit of timely lead work and encouragement from you Sheila!.



Lovely Ayesha is a Spanish Water Dog-Shepherd mix of nearly 12 years old.

She lives with Vikki in Bridport and enjoys exploring new places, West Bay and other coastal venues and cliffs and various walks around Bridport.

Vikki says Ayesha is "Same age as me so very amenable. Loves swimming but hates rain! Chases ball or stick, hates me going out without her".





Nala is a 3 month old Springer who definitely has the 'arrrrr' factor!  

She does some lovely explorations with Carina around West Moors area, the Castleman Trailway, Moors Valley Country Park and Potterne Park.

Carina particularly recommends "The Castleman Trailway near West Moors is great" and adds that she'd like to see more dog-friednly pubs to stop off when they're out & about on their walks.






Sarah lives with Wookie and Alf, who are both 4 years old.  Wookie is a handsome Saluki.




Alf is a lurcher who lives with Wookie, it's lovely to have one of Alf's humans in the photo too!  Looks like they're having a great day out.  

To find out more about the places where you walk and discover new places too, visit our 'Out & about' pages. 




Millie's a cocker who loves anywhere with woods or water - sounds familiar! Delph Woods & Wareham Forest are great favourites.



Fizz and Rufus are both lab crosses, Clare says

"They both love the open forest & getting wet or dirty" - aha we can see that from this photo of 8 year-old female Fizz!  




Rufus is the youngster at just one year old, and also enjoys Wareham Forest, and the beach in winter.  

Happily, some beaches in Dorset are dog-friendly all year round - check out the out & about pages to find out more.



Harlequin is a one year old Rottweiler who lives in Twyford but regularly goes walking in West Dorset, with East Beach and West Bay being special favourites. 

Trudi says she's a lovely friendly girl who loves to play with other dogs.






Hemlock ed


Lee visits Dorset with Hemlock & Prue and tells us:

"We normally walk them in Lancashire and West Yorkshire on the moors and woods where we live. But are looking forward to taking them both on their first big camping holiday.

Both dogs are rescue dogs we have had for under a year. So are having training to overcome their troubled pasts.  Hemlock is nervous of new dogs at first"... 



..."Prue can be a little shy around new people.  Both are doing great and have their own Facebook page.  We camp in Corfe. But are looking forward to the beech, moors and forests with them".

Prue is a boxer of around 18 months old.


to all the other June new members:

MOSS a collie cross who enjoys walking with Katie at Bytheway, Cannonhill & Wareham Forest - three of Dorset Dogs' favourite dog-friendly places!

Have you noticed Bytheway & Cannonhill & Delph have lots of fans this month? - there were local pit stops in that area so we've lots of new members who are locals!

MANDY the Springer who enjoys another of Dorset Dogs' favourites - Delph Woods as well as lovely busy beachside Hamworthy Park.  Hamworthy Park nearly lost its welcome to dogs due to dog fouling but local responsible dog walkers worked on a clear-up campaign to keep the park open for dogs - so, happily, responsible dog owners do remain welcome.

AMBER another collie cross, from West Moors.

ELLIE a lab who enjoys Bytheway, riverside walks and of course at this time of year -  the beaches!

ASHA & HOLLY, one black one yellow lab, fans of Bytheway, Cannonhill & Moors Valley Country Park who both love walking in trees and swimming.

KIZZIE, a West Highland White (aka Westie!) who at 14 and a half is still heartily enjoying Stour-side walks and Bytheway field. 

CHARLIE a Cavalier/Sheltie 'Delph Woodite'!

SHANNON an Irish Setter another - 'Delph Woodite'

HENRY an 18 month-old Lurcher who enjoys Canford Heath (near to Delph Woods!)

SAFFRON a King Charles - one guess where she walks (clue: D---- --o--)?

DAISY & DANNY who are Yorkies & KEIRA who's a Kerry Blue - D-W-ites and Broadstone Rec too.

TOBY another Cavalier who lives in Wimborne and visits Delph.

GUNNARR an Irish Water Spaniel of just 7 months newly exploring woods, beaches, local heaths and river walks.

JOE & HOLLY the border collies - Lindsay from Bristol says she enjoys her 'mad collies & BEAUTIFUL Dorset'

LUNA a French Bulldog from Canford Heath who lives with Nikki.

PICKLES a remarkable mix of collie, saluki and gsd (German Shepherd Dog) who regularly goes to Hamworthy & Canford Heath and particulalry enjoys a trip out to Moreton Plantation (on the list for 'out & about' pages)

JAZZ a border collie from Weymouth who walks at Lodmoor Country Park.

SAM a Jack Russell & TREACLE a lurcher from Swanage who love fabulous dog-friendly Durlston Country Park - where dogs are welcome not just in the country park (don't forget your lead for the parts near the cliffs) but also throughout the visitor centre/Castle!  'Rabbit-fixated' Sam came from Battersea, whilst Treacle isa new arrival from Margaret Green Animal Sanctuary.

HONEY a lovely labrador, a rescued dog who lives in Swanage with Judy and enjoys Ringstead Bay beach & Swanage beach in the winter.

BUSTER from Bournemouth, a little 7 year-old who visits Winton Rec.

ROMEO a black lab who has only gone to live with Sarah very recently - she says "he's a very friendly boy who loves exploring with us".

BETH a border collie who just loves her walks at places like Studland and Hengistbury Head.

BRAMBLE a springer spaniel of just 8 weeks old.

JANNA a champagne German Shepherd who enjoys the Castleman Trailway route from Merley to Broadstone.

CASPER a mini schnauzer who loves meeting other dogs and having a good run.

HARRY a Jack Russell & SIROTICA (Sissy) who has a heart-wrenching history.  SISSY is a rescue dog from Bosnia who was used as a 'bait dog' and had horrific injuries.  She barks at other dogs but this is improving as Debbie is working on it with her, Debbie is looking for places to walk in Dorset when they visit from the Midlands.

CHIP a collie cross who visits wonderful Kingston Lacy estate & Pamphill as well as Upton Heath.

BELLA an unusual bassett/lab cross who visits places all over the UK and enjoys beaches, woods, heaths and nature reserves all over Dorset.  Maggie says "She is so sweet with everyone, she loves to travel in the car" & she has stayed in hotels and B&Bs with Maggie & Andy and travels happily by boat & train too!

TESSIE a 9 month old border collie who has "lots of lovely energy, into everything and loves the bouncy balls!  Getting better at commands... Love her to bits!" so she uses that energy around Longham Lakes & Cannon Hill Plantation.

OZZY a sociable young lab who enjoys Slades and Sandbanks all-year round dog friendly beach (2 of Dorset Dogs favourite places!).

LEXI a labrador and LOTTIE & JAZ who are galgos rescued from Spain, and can now enjoy Delph Woods.

TEDDY a little 9 week old poodle cross who is getting ready for his second vaccination and looking forward to some lovely Purbeck and wider Dorset walks with Ros.

New members who've already used the 'join us' form or who joined at pit stops but haven't sent a photo remember you can always add your photos later, just send to: with your name and joining month!