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June 2016 New Members


 June's Dogs of the Month - Dune & Keke

Dune 1719


Dune is an Australian Cattle Dog, she's just 9 months old and Riannon says 'Dune is a very happy and smart puppy, sometimes a little too smart! She loves to swim in any water and shred her soft toys. However, she hates the rain'.

Dune enjoys some of our favourite places, and you'll find most of them on the 'out & about' pages, like Delph Woods, Sandbanks (Sandbanks West is all-year off-lead) and Bytheway Field. Another of her favourites, Pamphill, is part of the fantastic Kingston Lacy estate, which is also linked from the out & about pages now.

Keke 1707


Marcia told us 'Keke is a rescue so a tad overweight and suffering from arthritis so walks are little and often at the moment, until she can increase level of ability'.

Apart from carrying a little extra weight she's a beautiful, friendly girl and luckily Staffie and Stray Rescue were able to rehome her with Marcia where she is settling in a treat!

Staffie & Stray Rescue will be one of the 30+ stands at the Dorset Dogs Festival on 30th July - don't miss it there's so much to do!


Bella 1718Floyd 1717



This 5 year old Border Terrier is a mountaineer!  Here she's pictured at the top of Snowdon.






Floyd and Max are both Show Dogs - look at that 'stand'!  Well done Floyd.
Max 1717


...and an equally lovely 'lie down' from Max!
Gertie 1722



Another beauty, Jo says this Gordon Setter has just learnt to swim so they try to find walks where she can practice her swimming antics.
Rupert 1706


This is Rupert who was actually May's Dog of the Month! He's changed quite a bit since his last photo - don't forget you can send in photos if you didn't when you joined, or if you've got a tale to tell - or of course if that puppy's suddenly grown and changed like Rupert!
Honey 1715


"Honey is a 'recue' dog who proved unsuitable for breeding and I'm so happy to have her" says Pamela - I bet this little Pomeranian's happy to have you too.

Like quite a few dogs, Honey doesn't like to travel by car at all, so happily she can go to nearby parks and woodland.

Emme 1710  


Emme and Indi both love to splash about in water. Emme has started to do agility and is absolutely loving it.  Emme is a Shihtzu.

Barney (who lives with Emme, Indi the labrador and Odie) is a border collie who loves to sit in the window sill and people watch.

Odie 1710


...whilst Odie who also lives with Louise in Bristol loves to cuddle, he loves a cushion to sleep on.

They all enjoy visiting Corfe Castle!

Jess 1709


Another visitor from Bristol, Jess enjoys Wareham Forest too.  She does agility in Bristol. 

It's great to know how much doggy visitors enjoy coming to Dorset, especially when they're happy to join Dorset Dogs and follow the doggy do code!

Harry 1709


...and Harry is a 4 year old collie who lives with Jess too.

Oscar 1716

This gorgeous little bundle is just 4 months old so can't do too much exercise yet, but Pauline recommends Worth Matravers to Dancing Ledges, & back to the Square & Compass for a pint!  Must ask them if they'd like to go on our 'dog-friendly' pages by the sounds of it!

Star 1721


Star is a retired greyhound, both she and housemate Wally were retired at the age of just 4 due to injuries.
Wally 1721

Wally here's Wally, he and Star are fans of Westbay beach now.

Belle 1705


Sarah-Jane tells us 'Belle is a beautiful little girl with lots of spirit and endurance. She loves to run and climb and never gets tired whilst out. She absolutely loves being on the beach too".

This little Papillon lives in Shropshire but is a great fan of Studland Beach when she visits Dorset.

Loki 1711


A Sprocker from Somerset, she's only one year old but already a veteran visitor to Dorset.

Susie 1708


This lovely Tibetan Terrier really enjoys places where there's lots of space - like an empty beach! 

From Bristol, Susie is one of the many new members this month who travel to enjoy Dorset, by joining Dorset Dogs they're finding out lots of useful Dorset doggy stuff!

Ted 1713


Last but not least meet Ted.

Ted is a cavalier King Charles and poodle cross. He is much larger than the average cavapoo. He enjoys walks with water involved.

He does like Lulworth Cove, and there's dog-friendly pubs and places around there too.


New members who've already used the 'join us' form or who joined at pit stops - if you didn't send in a photo remember you can always add your photos later, just send to: with your name and a bit about your dog and/or where you like to walk.  Don't forget we love to see you in the photo too!

SHELBY ​- A Greyhound who is still rather cautious near other dogs as he was attacked about 18 months ago unfortunately.

BURT ​- A Parsons Jack Russell who loves anywhere he can swim and run!

NILO - a 12 year old Chihuahua - if you'd like to send in your address Nilo we'll send you a new members pack, it wasn't on the form.  Hope you see this message!

CHARLIE - a little 3.5 year old who lives with Felicity.

BILL & TESS - are Rottweilers, Bill likes to play ball and wants it all to himself whilst Tess likes to wash the cats in the morning, especially Mitchel!

MESSI - a Jack Russell who enjoys a visit to Tyneham village.

OLLIE -  Linda tells us 'Ollie was a rescue dog when he was 2. He came from Ireland where he had been shot by a farmer for being near sheep. He was in a bad way with multiple pellet wounds and a collapsed lung but we could see he had a lovely nature and after nursing him back to health he has repaid us wih so much love. I live in Farnborough but we have a caravan so spend much of the summer there'.  The doggie do code tells us how we can look after our dogs near livestock to keep both them and the grazing animals safe.


If your dog is not a member yet you can find out about the doggy do code and join here to receive your free members pack.