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The benefits of neutering your pet


Did you know that in addition to preventing unwanted pregnancies, there are many other health and behavioural benefits to having your pets neutered


Neutered pets are likely to live longer, healthier lives thanks to surgical procedures which are safe, quick and relatively painless.


Dogs: for female dogs, the chances of them developing mammary (breast) cancer and life-threatening infections in their uterus are high.  Also, you don’t have the practical considerations of them being in season (heat) every six months; when they will bleed, be attractive to the advances of every male dog in your area and be more likely to run away to find a mate.


In male dogs, castration eliminates testicular cancer and makes prostate problems less likely.  Also, for some it can have very positive effects on their behaviour.


Cats:  for both male and female cats, neutering is imperative.  Female cats can come into heat as often as every two weeks during the breeding season (which occurs in the spring and summer months) and will endlessly try to escape and mate with local tom cats.


For un-neutered females coming into heat – if they go outside (even just once) they will in all likelihood get pregnant and add to the cat population, which already hugely outnumbers the available homes.  They will also be vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases, wounds from the males they mate with and are also very likely to develop mammary cancers and uterine infections.


For toms, castration is equally important.  Entire male cats wander and fight, putting themselves at risk of being run over by cars, getting nasty infected fight wounds and exposing them to deadly infectious diseases.  In fact, a neutered male cat is likely to live a whole decade longer than an entire one!


We have more information on our website regarding neutering, but speak to your own vet if you are unsure or have further queries.


Chris Devlin BVSc MRCVS is a Vet and Partner at Hillside Veterinary Centre in Corfe Mullen.  




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