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October & November 2015 New Members

Genevieve 1595

Genevieve - October 2015 Dog of the Month

Here's her tale:

"This is my wonderful, beautiful dog Genevieve - Jen for short. I love her sooo much!

I rescued her just before her 2nd birthday and I am her 9th home.
With love and consistency, she blossomed into the most loving, obedient, gentle, playful and funny, talkative dog and her separation issues (and many other issues) have become a thing of the past.

Sadly she was then attacked by 2 dogs and her behaviour changed overnight - fear-aggressive to the extreme. She was scared to leave the house and showed aggressive behaviour to other dogs, even when they were really far away. Walks were impossible. Through a careful rehabilitation programme over 5 months she has regained some confidence and can now be carefully introduced to new dogs one at a time.

Last week we went on our first outdoor adventure in months - here she is (on her long line for safety) having a truly lovely time in the rain. I am so proud of my girl's progress and I am so grateful for her unconditional love and trust. Even after all the challenges I consider myself lucky to have her in my life. She is my amazing, gentle Jen.

Hope she makes the grade to be a Dorset Dog!!"

- OF COURSE she does Nic!

Henry 1590a

Henry - November 2015 Dog of the Month

Rosalind told us:

"Henry loves to go walking with his best friend Merlin who is also a young Golden Retriever. He loves life and is always happy. He loves everybody, any age. His favourite place has to be the beach where he gets extremely excited swimming and playing".

Henry frequently walks at Sandbanks and Baiter Park and Rosalind enjoys the wildlife at Upton too.

At the moment there's lots of birds around in some of Henry's favourite places - follow Henry's lead and help take care of them check out how here




Albert 1594




Tracy delights in having 9 month old staffy Albert & Casper too (below).


Casper 1594


Tracy says: The walks are lovely in Poole but we are after some puppy friendly spaces too".

There is a securely fenced training area at Upton Country Park in Poole and at Upton Country Park (both on our 'Out & About' pages) so they could be worth a try if you're looking for places to practice recall?

Bonnie 1599



Bonnie is just 3 months old, a husky cross chow who is already getting to love Hengistbury Head!


Diego 1588



"...a lovely dog who needs more social doggy contact since we tragically lost his brother 3 months ago".

He's new to Dorset and enjoying Alexandra Park at the moment.

Jack 1596


Jack lives in North Dorset where there's some great places to walk - he visits them with mate Bertie (above).

The North Dorset Trailway (Hammoon to Sturminster), Stour Meadows ,or the Milldown in Blandford - you'll find them on our out & about pages.



Finn 1598


Whippet Finn lives with Mollie, a Rottweiler, Tamie says they have a field they use regularly and also enjoy the New Forest.



Bertie 1596


Bertie is a smashing little border terrier cross who lives with Jack (above)



Poppy 1592


A whippet/lurcher cross who's always looking for rabbits or squirrels to chase! So John is happy when there's a secure field available for a run!

Mini 1592


A Maltese from Kinson - just one year old and looking very inquisitive!

Maggie 1584


Lovely Maggie lives with Ralph and Cindy.  Cindy told us:

"We organise Southampton Bull Terriers and walk a group of BTs at Eling, Testwood Lakes or in the New Forest -  would be happy to go further if we can find dog friendly places to meet/park!

Another group, West Country Bullie Walks, use Upton Country Park.

Ralph 1584


So here's Maggie's housemate Ralph with his prize rosette - well done Ralph!  Not bad going for a 10 year-old!

Bungie run 1603


A cockapoo - he loves being chased by other dogs. Steals balls. He runs with Kelly 5 days a week!

Jessie J 1602

Jessie J

A bearded collie cross husky, who enjoys Sandbanks beach and Whitecliff.

Wow what a beautiful photo Jenny! - our Wildcard Dog of the Month.

Maisie 1601


5 month old Maisie loves Sandbanks Beach and Whitecliff Park - she's looking serious here isn't she! (Seriously cute!)

Cassie 1609


Cassie's a young staffie cross who loves to walk with other dogs, especially at Wareham Forest & Studland Beach.

Kat 1606


Kat's a 4 year old Mexican Hairless cross who lives with Socks (below).  She enjoys Meyrick Park - a bit of countryside right in the middle of Bournemouth!

Ruby 1611


This 7 month old Labradoodle loves playing and meeting other dogs so she's a great fan of Upton Country Park!

Socks 1606


...and Socks is a lurcher cross who lives with Kat and enjoys their woodland walks - good for wet & good for dry! (Does depend on the wood!  There are some very muddy woods out there, but then that's what some dogs prefer!  Owners may sometimes have a different view however...)



New members who've already used the 'join us' form or who joined at pit stops - if you didn't send in a photo remember you can always add your photos later, just send to: with your name and a bit about your dog and/or where you like to walk.  Don't forget we love to see you in the photo too!

RUFUS​- a blue roan cocker who enjoys his walks and agility training.

TOM - a lab - he loves playing with other dogs and water.

BRUCE - a young springer who likes Upton Country Park as it's good for toddlers too.

LOTTIE - a working cocker She's a big ball and stick fan and loves anywhere with water or puddles - she gets very dirty on walks! Thorncombe Wood - with it's great cafe where you can get 10% off as a Dorset Dogs member in Dec 2015 and Jan & Feb 2016 & the Ridgeway are favourites.

SAFFY - a border collie who loves all dogs but is very shy with people.

GODFREY - a large Doodle

CASPER -  an unusual maltese cross. Aymeric says 'I own a Restaurant/Creperie named Mr Crepes Cuisine in Poundbury Dorchester where dogs are welcome! Not many restaurants allow dogs around here unfortunately..."

GINNY - a sprocker, Ginny is a rescued ex gun dog, and loves to run and swim.

MAISIE - a show cocker, another fan of Sandbanks and Whitecliff Park.

TINY - an springer who loves beaches and pet shops - wonder why - methinks it's smellyvision!

CHARLIE - a collie cross and OLIVER a cocker - Oliver loves swimming at Branksome Chine but Charlie prefers the squirrelly forest.

MURPHY - a labrador/springer who would love to find off-lead walks to go with his Rodwell Trail and Thorncombe Woods walkies.

TILLY - a collie who adores Kingston Lacy woods

If your dog is not a member yet you can find out about the doggy do code and join here to receive your free members pack.