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September 2014's new members

Eric 1298



Eric is our Dog of the Month for September, he is a Staffie who likes walking in Thorncombe Woods and eating wood.

Isla 1299


Isla is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier from Blandford who we are told is great with everything from kids to rabbits and cats.

Lydia 1301


Lydia is a Sprollie from Poole who is obsessed with water, that's good with the recent weather.


Archie 1303



Archie is an English Working Springer Spaniel who is reported to be a serial sock thief. 

Molly 1305


Molly is a Labradoodle from Poole who is like a womble and loves to recycle cans and bottles washed up on the shore.

Milly and Harry 1306


Harry & Milly

Harry is an English Springer Spaniel and Milly is a Cocker Spaniel, both live in Berkshire but love to visit Studland.

Chilli 1307



Chilli is a Jack Russell who loves walking at Upton Country Park, she will be pleased to know there is a new area at Upton Country Park which will be open to the public for even longer walks there.

Ozzie 1309


  Ozzie is a retired greyhound who looks like he is enjoying the rest.

Lupin 1310



Lupin is a Jack Russell x Chihuahua, who is only 15 months old and hates getting his paws in mud or puddles, if only they were all like that, we would all have clean houses!


Sandi 1312



Sandi is a bulldog from Bournemouth who lives with Milo below.

Milo 1312



Milo is a Pug who lives with Sandi, both like walks at Slades Farm Open Space.

Welcome to all the other new members who joined in September

OSCAR - a 3 month old Cockerpoo pup, just starting out on walks, Oscar might be interested in visiting Bytheway Field, it is an excellent dog walking area.

KAI & SAFFRON - German Shepherd Dogs who live in Hampshire but love to visit the West Bay area.

PERCY - is a Whippet from Poole who loves to walk at Whitecliff and Baiter Park, read about the work we have been doing with Natural England in this area around Poole Harbour and our bird survey for those who walk in the area.

OSCAR - a Jack Russell from Portland who loves to walk around the coast.

COCO - a Cockerpoo from Sherborne, who goes to places where it is safe for dogs to go off lead, read the Doggy Do Code for hints and tips to keep you safe on any visit to the countryside.

DOUGAL - a cross breed from Poole who loves to run and walk in water with his owner's grand-daughter.

HARVEY MILLER - a labrador from Blandford.