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Wonderful Water Dog Winner!

Honey Water Dog Winner crop

Honey galloping joyfully through the waves!

Pet Portrait artist Katherine Cromwell offered Dorset Dogs members the chance to win a fantastic painting of their dog.  The theme for the painting was 'Your Dog & Water'.

Katherine had a really difficult job judging all the entries, but in the end she chose lovely Honey, a veteran cocker spaniel of around 11 years old..  You can see how much she is enjoying galloping through the water!  Caroline sent in the photo (via Dorset Dogs Facebook page, and the photo was taken by husband Adam.

Katherine sent us the following message: "Thank you to everyone who entered, all the photos were marvellous I found it very difficult to choose just one winner. Should anyone wish to consider a portrait of their dog after Christmas I would be thrilled to offer a 10% discount to everyone who entered

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View Katherine's work at or at

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