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2minutebeachclean station- email version photo from Neil Hembrow (400x266)#2minutebeachclean stations launched on Dorset Coast

Litter Free Coast and Sea is pleased to announce the unveiling of eight new beach cleaning stations along the Dorset Coast. The stations, which form part of the popular #2minutebeachclean campaign, encourage beach users of all kinds to spend just a couple of minutes of their beach time helping to keep it clean and tidy. Users simply borrow a litter picker and bag from the station, spend a couple of minutes collecting litter, then share their efforts on twitter or Instagram via the hashtags #2minutebeachclean #Dorset.



Image: #2minutebeachclean #dorset station on location. Credit Neil Hembrow

Each of the stations has been adopted by a local business and Litter Free Coast and Sea then support those businesses to make sure they have everything they need for a successful station. Natalie Poulter from Litter Free Coast and Sea said ‘We’re delighted to see these stations rolling out across Dorset. Many of us pick up the odd bit of litter when we’re on the beach, so it’s great to be able to provide the public with the right kit to be able to do it safely, and we’re thrilled to have so many going out in time for this summer’s season. It’s amazing what you can collect in just a few minutes. It’s something anyone can do, and it’s a great way of doing your bit, whether you’re local or a visitor, to look after the coast without taking up too much time.’

The eye-catching design of the new stations has been created by, writer, surfer and TV presenter Martin Dorey, who came up with the #2minutebeachclean concept. Martin said ‘As a beach lover I have been picking up beach litter for a long time- after I surf, when I walk the dog, whenever I’m near a beach- but I was getting disheartened that what I was doing on my own was making such little impact. I figured that if all of us did just a bit we could make a bigger difference between us, so I started sharing my finds on twitter, then a few people started posting their pictures too. After that it was kind of obvious that the more we do, the more we’ll all get done. We’ve shown #2minutebeachclean makes a real difference- we trialled a station at Bude in Cornwall and the amount of litter on the beach dropped by 60% within a year! I’d like to think that these stations bring new people to beach cleaning, and that they go on to join in with organised events like the Great Dorset Beach Clean.’

The new stations can be found in the following places: one at Friars Cliff, Christchurch will be looked after by the Beach Hut Cafe; four will be dotted along Bournemouth Beach, cared for by Bournemouth Borough Council; two will be sited at Studland, cared for by the National Trust; one will sit at Bowleaze Cove, Weymouth, looked after by Beachside Leisure Centre. Stations will be made available on the beach every day, and kept stocked up and brought in by their adoptive owners overnight. #2minutebeachclean participants are encouraged to dispose of the litter they’ve collected in the existing public litter bins on or near the beach. To discover more about the #2minutebeachclean stations in Dorset, visit or contact the Litter Free Coast and Sea team on 01305 221752.