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April & May 2016 New Members


 April's Dog of the Month

Dusty 1675


Dusty is quite unusual - she swims under the water with just the tip of her tail showing like a fin - she can dive deep too, collecting small rocks and toys!

Jakki takes her to lots of places around Dorset, Hampshire & Wiltshire & this well-travelled dog really likes Littlebredy just outside Dorchester. Jakki told us there's a great walk with a waterfall & stream, a wooded walk and a grass area where children and dogs are welcome for summer picnics. 

I guess if they're welcome they're probably behaving just like advised in the doggy do code! - I know, not a subtle link - but a useful one!

Bailey 1670Monty 1672



This young Golden Retriever enjoys Strouden Park and Bournemouth Beach - the Out & About pages give information about dog-friendly beaches and we recommend too for all sorts of useful beachy information.









Just as Annabelle says, you can tell Monty is a little dog with a big personality!
Prince 1667


This 7 year-old sociable chap is a good mate to Poppy, who isn't so keen on other dogs.  They do enjoy a good walk around Portland and also Thorncombe Woods, one of our favourites too!
Poppy 1667



...she's a Great Dane of 3 and a half and as Donna told us, she may not be too keen on other dogs but gets her doggy time with Prince.  They take their walks where they have good visibility so can be aware when other dogs are around so Poppy doesn't get caught by surprise.
Rupert 1683

May's Dog of the Month - Rupert

This little chap is a Hungarian Vizsla, he's full of life and I can vouch for that as he came on one of our Guided Walkies recently! 

Lee reminds us that if a dog is approaching on a lead not to allow an off-lead dog to approach them unless it's been okayed with the owner (and the on-lead dog!).

Another little Rupert fact - he loves stealing socks! Oops.

Muffin 1703


Amy tells us: "Muffin is a bouncy 2 year old rottie who is small for her breed. She's reactive around other dogs due to past attacks on her but she's improving her behaviour and wants to relearn how to socialise with others on group walks!

We also want to find lots of new, fun places to walk as we recently moved into the area".  Hopefully the Out & About pages will be useful and there's also the training information on the events page.

Masey 1685


This little Staffie enjoys a good walk around Portland and local beaches, Michelle says she enjoys taking her anywhere she can have off-lead time.

Elsa 1684  


This young girl loves the countryside and stays on lead at the moment whilst she's learning better recall. 

She enjoys Beaminster Down and public paths in the area, Abigail says she makes sure she's on lead as there's a lot of livestock there.

Penelope 1698


Penelope is a cavalier who likes Portland Bill and Weymouth Beach.

Percy 1698


Both Percy and Penelope 'work' at the Weymouth Pavilion on the Box Office with their Dad!

Benji 1696


A 'small Heinz 57', Julie says he's a young rescue dog in re-training as he loves people but is not yet socialised with other dogs.

Poppy 1691


Poppy is a young lurcher. Veronica says:

"Absolute idiot and loves everybody  and have never heard her growl.. Got her from rescue centre at six months old and wouldn't swap her for the world.. She goes to dog training classes and is obedient - except when the 'prey-drive' hits in!"

So she does love a well-fenced area.  Another favourite is part of the Jubilee Trail, leading to Black Hill.

Polo 1687


Polo & Edith live in Woking but visit Dorset with Vicki, who says the Green Yard Cafe in Bridport is dog-friendly with treats for dogs and humans too!

Edith 1687


As you can see she's a laid-back girl! 

Biggles 1702


A Springer who loves swimming and balls - yes definitely a Springer!

Della 1688


Della's a Eurasier, Jemma tells us:

"Della is really active and we love exploring new places, preferably away from livestock. We love beaches and also places that are safe with open fields, a bit of woods with a stream.

I like exploring all over the place but am based in Somerset and regularly walk in a place called ammerdown".

Holly 1688


and this is Holly who lives with Della, Jemma says:

"Holly is an old lady now who still loves her walks but likes to go at her own pace".

- she's looking great at 13 years old isn't she?

Flynn 1699


Last but not least, meet Flynn.

He's a Lhasa Apso who loves the beach but will insist on eating the seaweed! 

He does like the permissive path at Silverlake.


New members who've already used the 'join us' form or who joined at pit stops - if you didn't send in a photo remember you can always add your photos later, just send to: with your name and a bit about your dog and/or where you like to walk.  Don't forget we love to see you in the photo too!

SPIGGY ​- A boxer who walks Wool water meadows, Winfrith & Worbarrow on public rights of way (ROW - public paths) as well as Tyneham & Bindon Hill. Just like so many of us, Mike feels it's shuch a shame that some of the public ROW in the Purbeck area are spoilt with dog poop.

PIP ​- A Springer who's new to Dorset and needs safe off-lead places - there's an enclosed area at both Upton Country Park and at Slades Open Space (that one has agility equipment too), both are good for secure training and exercise (always check that they are suitably secure for your dog though), so that could be handy for you Susan.

ELLA & ROXFORD - a Lhasa Apso & a Chihuahua - now they love to be off lead and do enjoy Slades.

MOLLIE - a beagle pup just finding her feet in places like Upton Country Park, Badbury Ring and Turlin Moor Rec.

BELLA - a Springer Spaniel who's just 7 months old.

TITCH & PIPSQUEAK - Jack Russells who are still exploring as they moved from London last winter - they do enjoy Cannon Hill woods though!

MIA - a Flat-Coat Retriever & PHOEBE who's a flat-coat-poodle cross - Siobhan says she would like to walk with other dogs & people sometimes, she walks at places like Burton Bradstock, Charmouth and Lamberts Castle.  There is a group of dog owners who work with the National Trust over that way ensuring the local beach is kept clean, you can contact them through

RUBY -  a rescued Belgian Shepherd cross who was feral with her brother until rescued, she was frightened of everything - even daylight.  She's now doing well with Wendy, even starting to do some basic agility and able to enjoy Upton Country Park.

MEG & KUDU  - lovely Labradorian visitors to Dorset, also fans of the Lake District!

MONTY - a friendly Dalmatian who does like to have company, a favourite walk is the walk through wooded Branksome Chine to the dog-friendly beach.

CARSON - a beach-loving Golden Retriever from Aldershot, loves Sandbanks.

BETSY - a minature labradoodle who's a great explorer - Durlston Country Park, Studland beach, Worbarrow Bay, Corfe Castle

CALLI - a West Highland Terrier who enjoys the great views by the Stour at Canford Bottom.  Did you know The Great Heath project have done some work to improve access around that area?  New bridges, gates to replace stiles, ramps as well as steps and fingerposts on the way soon, with a focus on making great walks along the Castleman Trailway.

CHARLY - a friendly Staffie cross but sometimes misjudged as she rather excitedly greets people by barking.

BOOMER a Jack Russell cross who enjoys Slades Open Space & Kinson Common.

BUDDY is a Siberian Husky who enjoys both St Catherine's Hill & Highcliffe Beach.

CODY a Staffie - Sandra tells us: "Despite the 'press' view of this breed, I can say they are a very loyal loving breed. To date I have had, Zelda, Zoe, Lily and Cody.....all fantastic dogs with personality!"  Cody goes to the shade of Puddletown Forest in the summer and the beach and Rodwell Trail in Weymouth in the winter.

BELLE is a Bedlington Terrier cross Whippet - and Mary has told us lots of interesting points about her that often come up with young lively dogs!

"Being a sight and speed hound I am very cautious where I walk and as she is very friendly she is put on a lead when we approach another dog and I always ask if it is alright for her to say hello.  I like to see others put their dogs on leads when my dog is on her lead. She loves to play with other dogs and has a GSD she loves to have a run with. Loves to run and is easily distracted in training classes which makes training for agility difficult as any other movement distracts her.  Rally training better but the sight of another dog means play and a person means there might be a dog to play with and that person might have food so not jumping up is quite hard to train even when she does a sit and a down normally when no other distractions around.

...Lurchers need a good run.  Had a cocker before so having a lurcher with some terrier in it is so different,  needs more time and patience, cannot be expected to be fully trained by 6 months well not this one! So we plod on slowly."

OBI A West Highland Terrier who would like to see more dog bins available.

LYRA A golden retriever,  Tessa told us "We love walking all around Dorset & meeting lots of dogs & their owners!  After the heartbreak of losing our beloved Amber so tragically in Lorton Meadows I sometimes struggle, but Lyra is Amber's niece & she has given me a reason to smile again". Our hearts go out to Tessa, unfortunately cows at Lorton Meadows had previously been attacked by dogs and it meant that they charged from a long distance away to protect their young even though Amber was far from them and had done nothing wrong.

ROSIE A German Shepherd who is getting used to meeting other dogs and enjoys Upton Country Park as well as Sandbanks beach.

GEORGIE  a Westie of 11 years old, whose lung condition means nice flat walks on Portland are easier for him.






If your dog is not a member yet you can find out about the doggy do code and join here to receive your free members pack.