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August 2012's new members


Jim loves tunnels, jumps and all sorts of agility, but he's  laid back - he'll do it when HE wants to!  Well athletes have to pace themselves you know...




Rambo's 'dad' told us that this energetic, bouncy but gentle little puppy just wants to be everybody's friend! 



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Silky Katy is beautifully behaved and excellent with children.  Two of her favourite places are Delph Woods & Slades Park Open Space - we agree Katy, those are going on our site info list soon!



Margo loves the Castleman Trailway - one of our favourites too - more info about the trailway at





Soulful Blue is only ten months old and adores free running!



Maxwell is very social, loves other dogs and loves being outside.  He'd like to find more places suitable for disabled use in West Dorset - any suggestions for 'easy access' places to walk?



Cassie 1

Cassie's another fan of Slade's Farm Open Space but here she is enjoying a trip to the beach...


Welcome also to all the new members who have joined at recent local events - PLEASE EMAIL YOUR PHOTOS TO US AT  with your owner & dog name - we'd love to see your pictures...! that's a big hello to: Penny, Ruby & Milo, Scooby & Marble, Megs, Nessie, Rowan, Roxy & Binx, Webster & Holly, Otto, Charlie & Abby & Minnie, Summer & Taurus, Milo, Poopy & Lottie, Magic, Poffertje, Susie & Lucy, Khan & Foxy, Madds & Treacle, JJ, Berlington Bertie of Bow (Bertie visits from Shropshire and joined on behalf of himself and his 20 housemates).



Sophie 1

... Sophie & Cassie live together and share their seaside days with wet & sandy enjoyment before flopping down for a breather...