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September 2012's new members

France 2009 - Mocha

Mocha is our rather gorgeous September Dog of the Month

- here she is on holiday in France clearly enjoying the sparkling blue skies,

hope the same's on its way here...



Here's Bramble he's a 'beautiful, gentle friend to the family' who loves walking at Badbury Rings



 Jennies terriercross Yorkshire

 Jennie's terriercross Yorkshire is in a lovely comfy  tangle with housemate -   we can see why Jennie says 'they're the most friendly loving dogs in the world'




 Jennies terriercross Corgi


...and here's that housemate again, Jennie's terriercross Corgi




Henry's enjoying a paddle...



...while housemate Charlie looks regally blissful!



  Doris knows how to enjoy herself too, a rescue dog from DAWG, she likes walking in places where there's much sniffing, playing & meeting of new friends to be done.



Oscar's keeping an eye on the camera - is that a smile?


We reckon Shep here and Doris would get on like a house on fire!  Shep's a visitor from Welwyn Garden City.

Dorset Dogs is very proud to have members who are visitors to Dorset... what better way to find out about places to go with your dog in Dorset?


Minnie on holiday in Dorset

Minnie's another visitor to Dorset - not sure if you've joined yet Minnie but Jen emailed us with your picture to say 'I have just returned from a weekend in Dorset and would like to thank you for all  the wonderful advice you had on the site.  It make a real difference knowing where we could take Minnie, and she had a fabulous time'.  See you again soon Minnie!




Poppy you really look like you know how to relax after another fantastic walk at Slades Farm Open Space in Bournemouth!


Welcome also to all the new members who have joined at recent local events - PLEASE EMAIL YOUR PHOTOS TO US AT  with your owner & dog name - we'd love to see your pictures...! a big hello to: Bobby & Marley, Oscar, Benji & Pippin, Sophie, Bailey, Willow & Tilly, Moo, a different Oscar, Bill & Suzie, Bella, Boris, Charity & Columbus, a different Bella (we're seeing some trends this month...or are we setting them?) Delilah, Amber, Jessie, Henry, Charlie Farley, Lola, Jesse, Phoebe, Amaroq, Jake, Cookie, Christabel, Pip, Josie, Eva, Duncan & Megan, Batista, Harvey, Freckles, Toby, Poppy, Tolly, Buca, Poppy & Bean, Hamish, Jasper & Evie, Blizzard & Holzi, Duke, Misty, Ben, Florence & Matilda, Chubbs, Holly & Shadow, and Toto & Munchkin. 




Honey you little softie!  Honey loves to walk around the Overcliff at Southbourne - sea views and grassy areas; looks like you tired at least one of your housemates out Honey!