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November 2012's new members


Maize Clover



Maize & Clover are mini Jack Russells

- Anne tells us 'they are very whizzy' - we can tell!

Maize and Clover are whizzing around Knoll beach at Studland in this photo, they're also fond of visiting Peveril Point at Swanage.




November has been a quiet month for members' photos - please send more - we'd love to see them!  





This is Forrest a fast-running, lovely dog who just wants to be friends with all the dogs he meets....... 






      ...and here's his housemate gorgeous Maximus, another soulful black lab. 






   and this is Elsa - a wonderfully exuberant Labrador retriever who clearly enjoys the beach too! 




Welcome also to all the new members who have joined - PLEASE EMAIL YOUR PHOTOS TO US IT MATTER WHEN YOU JOINED - with your owner & dog name - we'd love to see your pictures...! as well as Clover, Maize, Elsa, Maximus and Forrest that's a  big hello to: Dougie, Murphy, Dudley, Sweep, Daisy & Winnie, Merry & Darcy, Poppy and Annie.