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Daisy prefers a short stroll now she's a lovely  vintage veteran of 15 years old, so David & Lynda 'borrow' their daughters' dogs for longer jaunts at Badbury Rings, Hambledon Hill, the North Dorset Trailway, The Milldown (Blandford) and Hod Hill - lucky dogs! 

David & Lynda mentioned that when animals are grazing on Hod, Hambledon (and Badbury Rings) dogs need to be on leads - just like it says in the 'doggy do code'..




Freddie  is clearly a wonderful climber and I've heard he's an experienced mountaineer!

Freddie lost his best pal Clara last summer and has been very lonely without her. Now he is like a dog with 2 tails with Poppy the puppy as his new companion.  He is endlessly patient with her - even when she is hanging on to his whiskers or sleeping in his bed!

You can meet Freddie on our 'Year of the Dog 2012' page too!



...and here she is, Poppy enjoying a magic carpet session, we can see why Freddie adores her!

Freddie and Poppy love living on Portland, there's nowhere else like it - a fascinating place, almost an island, lots of history and a surreal quarried landscape with a dramatic coast - plenty of space for Freddie's rugged adventures!




Keeper's elfin looks come from his Chihuahua cross Papillon heritage, he certainly strikes a beautiful pose!




Montel lives with Keeper and is just 4 months old - Keeper and Montel like to exercise in secure fenced areas and luckily live right next to such a place - in Manchester!  But as visitors to Dorset we welcome them as Dorset Dogs members -  they can check out the site information pages to find out about more places to visit.



Welcome also to all the other new members who have joined recently that's a big hello to: Brian & Missy the Jack Russells, who love big open spaces to run in, Joey the German Shepherd x Staffie who had a bad start but now has a lovely life with plenty of walks on the beach, and Snoop the splurcher - another beach lover, whose 'mum' says she just wishes there were more dog bins on the streets - we're certainly with you on the 'picking up' theme Lisa!