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Dorset Dogs wins KC DOG Special Recognition Award

Dorset Dogs wins ‘Special Award’ for Access work

Dorset Dogs has been awarded the ‘KC Dog Special Recognition Award’ in recognition of our work to promote canine access and responsible dog ownership over the past year.

Dorset Dogs joined other canine campaigners from across the country to celebrate their dog-related good deeds of the last twelve months at a prize-giving ceremony in London’s Mayfair.

The KC Dog Awards credit the actions taken by politicians, local authorities, public bodies and individuals to develop positive alternatives to restrictions on dogs and promote responsible ownership.

Speaking at the presentation, Kennel Club Chairman, Steve Dean, said: “These awards are an opportunity for us to credit the actions taken by local groups to ensure that the UK’s dogs continue to enjoy maximum access to our open spaces.

“Dorset Dogs has gone above and beyond to ensure that both dogs and their owners get the best deal possible in terms of access and protection of their rights. We thank them for their tremendous contribution to making a positive difference to our four-legged friends and hope that their approach will act as a model for others to follow.”

Dorset Dogs commented:  “We have a strong belief in the physical health and emotional well-being that dogs can bring to human lives.  This award will help us to sustain and expand our work to champion positive access management for dogs in town, coast and countryside and to promote responsible dog ownership.  We are absolutely delighted that the Kennel Club have chosen to recognise our work in this way.”

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Dogs were of course invited too!

Outside the KC

Outside the KC HQ


Rachel and Su enjoy art in the Members room

Rachel & Su enjoy Art in the Members Room.

Award winning Good Citizen trainers and KC Dog award winners are shown around the Members room

Award winning Good Citizen trainers & KC Dog Award winners visiting the Members Lounge and admiring the wonderful art collection.


Sculpture Bull terriers

The bull terrier sculpture won our hearts

We had a wonderful day at the Kennel Club, with tours around the amazing art collection in the beautiful Gallery and the comprehensively awesome Library, with fascinating talks from both the art curator and the librarian.  Thanks to Heidi, Denisa, Steve, Bill, David and all the folks at the Kennel Club who put so much work into making it so special.  We had a fantastic day!