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February 2013's new members


Bruno and Shand


Helen tells us that Bruno and Shand are not only disciplined but also a joy to be with.

Shand is the lovely 10 year old German Shepherd.  Helen shared a tale about Bruno, a dobermann-rottweiler cross: "Although his 5th owner,  he is the Very Best k9 I have owned or had contact with & I have house-sat many dogs as well as having my own... Bruno can be a bit of nightmare,  he opens doors, raids the fridge, turns voille curtains into lace! Refuses to go out into pouring rain (I agree with him on this:) but he is also Very Loving in a calm, laid back way & also protective which means I feel very safe & secure.

Bruno does "rotti speak" which scared the living-daylights out of me when first we got together although I simply said "What was All THAT about?" - at the same time as the throaty rumble he play-prances!     Recently we almost parted when he injested something toxic;  thankfully, the PDSA Vets continued to work on him & although I had said "he must not suffer, please put him to sleep" they continued their outstanding work & today, Bruno is safely back home & recovering.

Of course, it no longer matters a brass-farthing whether he jumps on my bed with dirty paws, or does anything else "characterful" I am just Soo relieved to have him home again."




Just look at lovely Tewkesbury!  He shares his home with Orangeblossom - also a golden retriever - what wonderful names Brianne; you explained about 'Tewkesbury' being a character in  'Moonfleet' and how your dogs love to walk on Weymouth beach and watch the sun rise....




      ...and here's Jimmy the very well-behaved Parson Russell Terrier relaxing after a visit to his favourite place, Ramsdown.




Alfie Clumberpoo

   Alfie is an excitable pup with such soulful eyes!  He's a little clumberpoo, what a lovely combination.

Effie is a Beagle x English SetterEffie with French farm origins - an elegant international traveller who enjoys a foray back across the Channel (that's La Manche to you, Effie!) to enjoy a holiday in France each year.


Welcome to all the other new members for February, new members remember that you can always add your photos later, just send to with your name and joining month! A warm welcome to:

HOLLY & ZOE and their 2 other toy poodle playmates from Southampton, we hear you enjoy Studland! 

CLOVER, an English Cocker who walks the South Dorset Ridgeway.

POPPY & PIXIE from Parkstone.

BUDDY, a lovely staffie with a penchant for Slades Farm.

MAGGIE a newly retired greyhound.

EMILY a friendly Jack Russell who adores children - but the same can't be said for cats & squirrels!


...and finally here's BEAN - Rachel told us he's happy to pop a lead on when he's near grazing animals and wildlife but my goodness he loves to run free too when he can...

see Bean's growing-up story on our Year of the Dog 2012 page!