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April 2013's new members

Freckles - I love my ball


Freckles was a rescue dog, who came to live in her 'forever home' in December 2011.  Avril says 'she has brought so much love into our lives and is loved by everyone who meets her! She has a very active collie brain and needs exercising mentally as well as physically we take her to regular training classes and she loves it.'

Freckles visits local beaches, river walks and fields in the Bournemouth area and enjoys Hamworthy Beach too (Avril says watch out for discarded fish hooks).

Freckles is a lurcher-collie cross - and it sounds like she'd enjoy the agility tasters and have-a-go scurry at the Dorset Dogs Festival 2013 in June!



Brackens first trip to the river 7 mnths old


 Bracken is Maria's second dog, and being a working cocker spaniel he is 'very much a hyper pup that loves brain work as well as exercise'.  Here he is at 7 months old on his very first trip to the river...



Holly is a young Weimaraner/American Bulldog who lives with...   (Becky - let me know if I've named them the wrong way around!  I guessed...)


...Murphy, also Weimaraner/American Bulldog cross.  Becky tells us that they are just 8 months old.  She's says she's finding that the other local dog walkers in their area are sooo friendly.



Archie is an 11 year old Border Terrier who loves going to the beach with Hayley, so they often go to West Bay or Ringstead.  He also loves open fields.

Rafi ed

This lovely quizzical young Doberman is Rafi, she lives with Arthur...


  and Arthur is an equally lovely young mixed breed who came from a rescue shelter.  Nicola says 'We try to take the dogs to lots of different places where they can have a great run around'.


Ziggy ed

Ziggy is a westie/bichon frise
who enjoys going with Rachel to somewhere he can 'sniff squirrels and swim'!

They also enjoy visiting Wareham Forest.


Gabby says 5 year-old Ben loves walking but this little Pomeranian gets tired fast!




Boy is a Jack Russell cross chihuahua who lives with Ben,  Boy is just 5 months old now - no wonder Ben is tired!


Shamal ed

Shamal is a Saluki cross who enjoys walking the coast path and visiting Wareham Forest and Puddletown Forest.  Shamal lives with 13 year-old American Cocker Harvey and with Anne - Anne says - more bins please! 


Poppy is a Cavalier King Charles spaniel who often enjoys being out and about with Lynsay in the Rockley Park area and likes visiting country parks including nearby Upton Country Park and, a bit further afield, Durlston Country Park.



18 week-old puppy Meg is another aficionado of Upton Country Park, which she visits with 'Dad' Neil.   At Dorset Dogs we try so hard not to be soppy but... ARRRRR, what a sweetie-pie... sometimes you just have to give in!

Arnie Tilly and Rodney

You might recognise Arnie from last month's photos - now here he is with housemates and fellow Dorset Dogs Tilly and Rodney.


Harley is an 8 month-old cocker who lives in Stapehill with Mike & Carol, another sweet youngster who obviously has a penchant for red nibbles!  Hope that wasn't anything you were aiming to wear...


to all the other new members for April:

KATIE and TAZMIN Springer Spaniels who enjoy their walks all over Dorset with Mel.

Young German Shepherd SABLE  who visits Ramsdown with Shelley.

BUZZ - Heather says her little westie has lots of energy!

Sally Louise has joined with 8 week-old CAPTAIN - she says don't forget the Weldmar Hospice put on dog shows & sponsored walks.

LOUIS GEORGE is a working cocker spaniel who 'really loves the beaches! He loves anywhere he can run!'

MARNIE a collie cross spaniel who thrives at her farm.

MOLLY who loves swimming in the Frome.

HONEY a friendly softie 3 year-old Staffordshire Bullterrier.

KINDRED a young Golden Cocker who was looking forward with bouncing energy to the Wessex Gathering when we met at an information pit stop on a local heath - sounds like fun!

If you joined at a recent pit stop but your name's not here you will be listed next month - why not send in a photo?

Beth ed

Beth is a rescue dog and is very nervous of new people so Sarah tends not to go to places that are too crowded.

Apparently, Beth's favourite thing is bog snorkelling; she may be nervous but she clearly still enjoys the good things in life!

Bella Footballer Feb 13 ed

Last but of course not least is gorgeous little athlete Bella! 

Sophie says 'Bella likes to meet other dogs and has completed her Kennel Club puppy foundation assessment.  She loves going on nature walks!'  Looks like football is another keen hobby!

New members who've already used the 'join us' form but haven't sent a photo remember you can always add your photos later, just send to: with your name and joining month!