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June 2013's new members

Reggie ed

Reggie is Michelle's 10 week old minature Schnauzer, inquisitive and friendly and just about to start investigating the big world around Dorchester & Poundbury - let us know what you find out Reggie!

Louie ed

Would you believe it, Louie is a 'jug'  - he's three-quarters Pug & one quarter Jack Russell!

Charlee says Louie loves walking at Bytheway Field near Wimborne where you're sure to meet a lot of other dogs & if you're looking for a longer walk Cannon Hill to Uddens is a nice shaded walk through the woods in all this hot weather - we certainly agree - both those places are on the list to be added to our information pages as soon as possible.


Diogie ed

Diogie (D.O.G.) is so much-loved by Elizabeth, who says this collie cross 'is super hyper with an infinite amount of energy! He loves playing with tennis balls and running around like a lunatic with other puppies.  He always seems to be smiling and is loving and friendly.  Best.  Dog.  Ever!'  Well he certainly looks wonderful to us too Elizabeth.  What's his twin's name?!

Beryl ed

     This lovely long-legged beauty is Beryl, she joined as a new member at the Dorset Dogs Festival - which owner Rachel described as 'wonderful'!  Thanks Rachel!  Happily, we think Beryl is wonderful too!


Little Chap ed

Little Chap is a lively dog, inquisitive, well behaved off the lead & Trasi says he enjoys a friendly game of chase with his doggy friends.

Favourite places include the North Dorset Trailway near Sturminster Newton, Stour meadows at Blandford, the roman road near Witchampton and woods at Milton Abbas - what a brilliant selection - and more to investigate to put on our 'Out & About' pages.


Buttons ed


Buttons is a Jack Russell cross Border Terrier - she had 'a little adventure' recently but we were so glad to hear from Milly that she was safe and sound - and just across the road with the neighbours!


Dora ed

Dora is a 20 month old Dalmatian who has been with Lesley for just a couple of months:  'We adopted her from a rescue centre based in Wales called Many Tears.
Dora comes from an ex-breeding puppy farm background & was very uncertain of everything that was going on around her.
We are working with her to bring out the Dalmatian within!!'  Best of luck Dora and great to hear that you have found a new and happier life.



Dylan ed

Dylan is a lovely lively 1 year old Springer.

Helen says some of their best places to go include Coy Pond, Bournemouth's central gardens, Branksome Rec. and the Beach - she says 'The places have dog bins! Good!'

Lexi ed

This is lovely Lexi, a 6-month old German Shepherd/Golden Retriever who enjoys Durlston ('great views for the humans, lots of exploring for the dogs') and Peveril Point  - and we're glad you thought the Dorset Dogs welcome pack was brilliant Christine!  Enjoy the Dorset exploring you've told us you're going to do with Lexi!  Sounds wonderful.

Sue has told us about her much-loved young Parsons Jack Russell, new member Mylo, who adores all humans but has trouble socialising with other dogs. He was attacked by a dog when he was a puppy and has problems that are still fear-based.

Because of this Sue says 'we have to keep him on a lead and so would love to know of any secure sites in Dorset where we could let him run free and get the exercise he deserves'. 

We have been discussing secure site provision at recently as there are so many people interested in secure areas - some secure areas open to all for socialising and training together, and some perhaps hired as a group with paid-for sole booking slots at times, so that dogs who need further training can have the opportunity to be trained and to exercise off-lead.  Join us on our Facebook page or contact Su at if you are interested or know of a possible secure site.  There's one or two great securely fenced areas where dogs can go but surprisingly few across Dorset, and no larger sites.



to all the other new members:

BEAUTY  who is one of our Dorset visitors, coming from Harlech in Wales, a greyhound who walks the coast path with Jennifer.

TOBY a Cavalier King Charles who rather appropriately walks (parades?) at King's Park and Queen's Park!

WESLEY,  a West Highland terrier who is ' great company & a great character' & enjoys being part of Sarah's Walking Group (see our events pages, regular events section)

DILLON & DARCY, a veteran JR (who is blessed with 3 legs having been born witha missing foot) and a youngster who's a JR x chihuahua

FIFI who Jane (rather bravely I think) tells us is a pug with such an extremely long tongue that it doesn't fit in her mouth - so it's always hanging out!

TARA a collie cross who is in training at the moment

PARKOUR the lab who you'll see at Slades and at Ferndown Forest

DAWN a medium-sized crossbreed who is in training so she needs quiet walks and enjoys beaches in the winter

IZZY a very exciteable but friendly mastiff cross who also enjoys Slades and Badbury Rings

& all the new members who joined at the Festival - details coming later!

New members who've already used the 'join us' form or who joined at pit stops but haven't sent a photo remember you can always add your photos later, just send to: with your name and joining month!