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July 2013's new members

Boudica - Boo ed


Boo can not only jump 6 feet in the air but she also enjoys a good run followed by a flake out with Sarah!  She goes to a lovely variety of places - including Meyrick Park, Kings Park, Queens Park, Boscombe beach & Shelley Park!

Millie Molly

Millie Mollie

Millie Mollie looks like another lovely bundle of exuberance!

She's a West Highland Terrier who loves meeting new dogs (good job too as 'Mum' is a dog walker!) and taking car rides to lots of different places.

Jazzy ed


Jazzy is a Cypriot rescue dog, what soulful liquid eyes! 

Jane takes her to Pamphill river walk, Corfe Mullen Rec & Uddens Plantation by Cannonhill but despairs of the dog bag problem there -  'Too much dog waste left at Uddens drive in bags but in piles also hanging from branches of trees awful problem'. 

Dorset Dogs are with you on that Jane - like the doggy do code says, 'bag it AND bin it' - if there are no bins just take it back to your own bin (you can always double-bag it or use one of the special bags or containers on the market if you don't like carrying it obviously in your hand or putting it in the car)

Alfie ed


and this is Alfie, a cocker spaniel who lives with Jazzy and also  enjoys taking different walks - one of their favourites is Compton Abbas - a little further to go but fantastic views!

Fitch ed


Here's Fitch the toy poodle & like so many of this month's new member dogs  he's a great adventurer, enjoying many places including Southbourne Beach, Fishermans Walk, Hengistbury Head, Tuckton Tea Gardens.

Ross says the beach where they walk is a good place for dogs as they are 'allowed all year round, lots of waste bins'.

Oscar ed


Oscar is a west highland x jack russell and another great traveller, too many to list but they include (deep breath): Creekmoor woods and ponds, various beaches, Wareham Forest, the New Forest, Lulworth, Studland, Badbury Rings, Kimmeridge Bay & Hengistbury Head!

Margarette tells us 'Oscar is a very cheeky dog. He loves being chased and jogging with the family. He is fantastic at swimming and retrieving objects such as a stick or a ball. he likes lots of cuddles and sitting on laps. He enjoys playing catch on the stairs. Oscar's favourite toy is a soft toy turtle. He takes it everywhere'.

Alfie July 2013 forest crop


And now I have to declare partiality - this is my dog Alfie - he's around 2 years old, a rescue dog, probably a samoyed cross, who is BRILLIANT with people (see below, with my nephews!) and 'his' cat Tigger  (now he's stopped trying to 'play' with him - it only took 3 days AND nights with him on the lead at home... )

Alfie with Rudi, Josh & Tigger

....he even makes way for cyclists/joggers when I ask him to 'mind over Alfie' but at the moment he's in training as he wasn't socialised with other dogs when he was younger so he is quite anxious about them and usually barks & lunges at other dogs especially since having a couple of bad experiences with off-lead dogs - so he generally wears the 'yellow ribbon' at the moment while he's in training to overcome his worries; if you haven't heard about the scheme follow the link to find out more.


to all the other new members, lots of you joined at our 'pit stops' this month so this is quite a list!

WILLOW a lurcher x Bedlington - another Slades fan!

ALAN'S Jack Russell, Australian Cattle Dog & Collie Cross

CHARLIE the Jack Russell who loves Delph Woods & the Castleman Trailway

JESS the young springer who enjoys Garston Wood

JENKS, BENJI & BESSIE, lively border collies who enjoy walks in the Blandford and Spetisbury areas

SCOOTER a border collie & MEEKO & MILO who are Jack Russells 

DOLLY the toy poodle who enjoys Badbury Rings

HARVEY the labrador who loves  to swim

BARNEY the cocker spaniel, another fan of Badbury Rings and Delph Woods

ALFIE & JONNIE both border terriers who visit Pug's Hole (Lyndsay told us the story of the buried treasure...) & Meyrick Park

PURDIE who Gill tells us enjoys his river walk from Tuckton to Hengistbury Head whilst she enjoys the great diversity of birds and insects along the way

CROMBIE who lives with Graham in Southbourne, who tells us it's great for dogs with Fisherman's walk, the beaches and overcliff - and lots of dog bins!

SHELBY a chilled out greyhound who goes to one of our favourite places with Sue - Bytheway Field near Wimborne

MAISIE the sprocker who enjoys Wareham Forest & Studland Beach (hi Michala - good to meet you at pit stop after you joined online)

FERN the saluki x lurcher who enjoys Queens Park & also Muscliffe River & Witchampton - those are two we must find out more about Wendy, new ones to us!

TIMMY who Brian tells us loves to explore the many lovely open spaces in Dorset.

CHESTER & SIMONE, a couple of wonderful mongrels who visit Victoria Park & Hengistbury Head

TOM , a beagle who lives in Upper Tooting Park, London, but loves coming to the coast most weekends & holidays - Ian suggests the South West Coast Path has lots of great sections for dogs.

WILLIS a mongrel who is a hearing dog for deaf people

OZZY & DEXTER - unusual mixes - a shihtzu x chihuahua and border/lakeland terrier

RIOJA (RIA) the rough collie

MARLEY a border collie who Malcolm says is 'full of it!' (life, we hope!)

ROCKLEY & RILEY who are labradoodles who love balls (Rockley) & cuddles (Riley - he's a babe)

TOSH the cocker spaniel who lives near Canford Heath & enjoys Delph Woods

BONNIE the labrador

GRACE the black lab

WILLOW the working cocker

EMILY  the springer

BIBI the minature schnauzer

FREDDIE the springer who likes plenty of space to let off steam - Peter tells us people's bbq leftovers are a nuisance (& in lots of places they are a terrible risk to wildlife and their living spaces so are banned - so we're asked to have fun with them & enjoy them only in the special areas where they are permitted or our own yards or gardens, and to dispose of them safely)

LUPIN the pointer

PERCY the border terrier

WEBSTER & WILLIS the border terriers

SONNY the labrador

NOODLES & BAXTER a golden doodle & a labrador

AMBER the golden retriever/spaniel cross

TIA the jack russell cross

BOLLI the apricot toy poodle

JONES the cockapoo

CHEWY  the 'norki' - Joy told us ' Chewy's a rescue dog who cost £25 - the best £25 I ever spent'

MAX the Westie

TINKER the lab x sharpei or dogue de bordeux - a French dog who enjoys both English & French walks and likes Badbury Rings & Ham beach

ARNIE the jack russell cross chihuahua

JUDD the staffie who loves the Purbecks

BREWSTER & BADGER, springers who are another pair of adventurers, enjoying Moors Valley, Wareham Forest, Cannonhill, Bytheway, Rempstone & Shillingstone Woods - in fact Graham says they are great fans of woodlands!

TILLY the terrier cross who lives in Salisbury but regularly explores the lovely Dorset coast

WOW that was a busy month - welcome all!

New members who've already used the 'join us' form or who joined at pit stops but haven't sent a photo remember you can always add your photos later, just send to: with your name and joining month!