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Aug 2013's new members

Maddy v1


Maddy is an unusual Tibetan Spaniel - Maltese cross. Here she is luxuriating on her regal purple cushions but really she loves to be nowhere better than romping along streams!  She's a North Dorset girl, enjoying the Shaftesbury and Melbury Hills area.

Keeva v1



Keeva is just 9 weeks old and lives in Middlesex but Tracy tells us that they just love Dorset so will be bringing her here at least 4 times a year

Bailey v1


and here's someone else who will be another frequent visitor - little Bailey, who is a lovely mix of one thing and another and just 6 months old, he comes from Surrey so his usual walks are in Windsor Great Park.

Bella v1


Bella is a lab/beagle cross who can be worried by other dogs but is gentle and soppy around people - as we can see!  Looks like she might be thinking he's getting a little heavy for this lark though!  Hannah says she likes to hear about more places that are accessible for dog walking with pushchairs - hopefully our Out & About pages will help with that, especially as the information on there continues to grow. 

To find out about sites that have at least some paths suitable for pushchair and wheelchair access and easier walking just go to the Out & About page and put 'yes' on the search filter that says 'sites with easier access'

Patch v1


Patch is a little doggy who covers a big territory!  He loves Southbourne Overcliff, Hengistbury Head and the New Forest.

Dug the Pug v1


Dug the Pug - wonderful name for this inscrutable little soul!  He visits Whitecliff  and also hops across the water to the Purbecks, he clearly enjoys the coast!

Tia v1


Hands up anyone who didn't say 'arrrr' ....... anyone? 

This is Tia, a tiny Jack Russell cross who joined in July, patiently learning life skills... she'll soon be off to romp in Wareham Forest.


to all the other new members, a great many of you joined at our 'pit stops' this month, or otherwise online!

CHESTER & MONTY lurchers who enjoy the Ramsdown woodlands, just outside Christchurch

ALFIE a sprightly 10 year old Jack Russell

DANNY a friendly Staffie from Bournemouth

MONTY a German Shepherd Dog (gsd) from Derbyshire who's a regular visitor to Dorset and loves Hengistbury Head as well as the Peak District!

MUFFIN a lab/springer cross and another Hengistbury fan

ROSIE the Shihtzu who recommends Studland beaches and Lulworth

TESS a loving, happy Lab who loves to play

POPPY a GSD who enjoys the Stour Valley

DUGGIE the Black Lab who 'was a devil for 3 years'! (now reformed!)

KAYDER & RUBY a large GSD and a little Jack Russell, more fans of the River Stour

PAGAN, TILLY & LOTTIE all ladies who love the Stour, an assortment of Doberman and Jack Russells

FLOSSIE a bouncing Springer who needs lots of off-lead exercise - 'away from bog and mud'!

BELLA a lovely Lowchen who enjoys Moors Valley and Avon Heath

GENO  a young rough collie who Robert & Amie say is their new family member and their 4th rough collie - they feel lucky to live in this 'beautiful area'

JADE a visiting Westie who lives near Andover but enjoys Salisbury Plain as well as Hengistbury Head.

LUNA a lab/gsd cross who enjoys early mornings at Hengistbury Head with lots of sociable dogs and Slades Farm

POPPY & JAZZ a delightful pair from Swindon, Cavalier and Affenpinscher.

BLAZE a dazzling white GSD who especially enjoys Branksome Woods

MURPHY a young Golden Retriever who enjoys Hengistbury Head and Badbury Rings.

HOLLY & AMBER 2 lovely lady labs of 10 and 5

CHARLIE the bearded collie who enjoys the Stour Valley, Hengistbury, Avon Beach and the New Forest.

POLLY & ANNA who are Yorkies who romp at Stanpit Rec & the New Forest.

BELLE a gentle Border Collie cross who likes to go to quieter places at the moment as she can be a bit anxious around other dogs

MERLA a black lab who is just 11 weeks old

HARLEY a Border Collie who goes to agility and jumps the White Horse near Weymouth

PATCH a very young Staffie who is a beach baby as well as enjoying the New Forest.

TILLY a one-year old collie cross

TOBY the lab who walks around Holt area forestland, Cheryl says that White Sheet is good for people with mobility issues as there are wide gravel tracks.

POPPS  a young dark apricot minature poodle who has a wonderful character but was sent back to her breeder so was looking for a home - Anne tells us he is March member TYLER's nephew, Graham & Tyler went all the way to Leeds to pick him up - he's a cheeky rascal but she wouldn't change him for the world!

COOKIE a collie cross rescue dog who needs time to get to know other dogs - before either racing them or ignoring them!

Another busy month - welcome all!

New members who've already used the 'join us' form or who joined at pit stops but haven't sent a photo remember you can always add your photos later, just send to: with your name and joining month!