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Dumble is a Field Spaniel, he enjoys Durdle Door and the Holworth area and Chris says that you can walk the coast path from Lulworth Cove to Ringstead Bay without crossing a road and with fantastic views. 

That is a great walk Chris. There are some VERY steep slopes so for a more gentle inland walk but still with sea views you can also take the bridleway near  Dagger's Gate.

Chris says that Field Spaniels 'need freedom, but are headstrong, so dogs on leads near cliffs and, obviously, when stock are in the fields'.

We agree with you there too Chris, in fact dogs on leads around stock is in the doggy do code and we've heard so many examples of normally 'sensible' dogs who have gone off the cliffs around the Dorset coast that we'd ALWAYS say keep your dog on a lead near the cliffs, then you can relax and enjoy even if a bouncing bunny dashes cliffwards. 

Dumble has joined Dorset Dogs with housemate JAMIE too, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel of just 17 months.

Chris also says don't forget to carry water for your dogs on your great adventures!




A shih-tzu who lives with 6 cats and Andi says in the house she is one of them! We've remembered to 'like' Cats Protection on Facebook now, thanks for the reminder Andi.

kallie log jpg (250x188)



Kallie and Madi (below) live together.  Aren't they beautiful photos? 

Karen says 'my dogs mean the world to me they have been there for me through tough times and my lab is a 'pat' [pets as therapy dog ] and my collie comes and visits the nursing home too I am very proud of my girls' - we're not surprised Karen!

madi snow jpg


Madi lives with Kallie, not sure what she thought of the snow?  I wonder how long 'til we have some more of the white stuff...

Tilly pampered


Carron joined with Tilly at a pit stop in August and has sent in a photo for us - we're so glad isn't she lovely?!  Tibetan-terrier-fresh-from-the-parlour.


Like Tilly, LOTS of people have joined at our Dorset Dogs pit stops - see below!  Don't forget you can still send in photos even if you joined at pit stops rather than online - just send them to and they can be added to a future new members page.


to all the other new members, a great many of you joined at our 'pit stops' this month, or otherwise online

ALFIE,  an English Cocker, Sue says: Alfie is a great swimmer!  He just loves the sea - and the river in Bournemouth gardens - and Moors Valley Country Park! He loves people and is good with other dogs.  Goes dog training and loves it!  We've seen him on our Facebook page Sue, he's great!

TOM  an 8 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who enjoys walking at Pug's Hole.

RUFUS a red setter who enjoys beaches including Branksome and Sandbanks

DUDLEY a border terrier who Sonia says has a lovely doggy personality & is very loving - just full of character!

SCAMP a little 7 month old Yorkie aho enjoys Coy Pond.

CHESTER  a young labradoodle who loves Charmouth Beach & other West Dorset Beaches - they will be on the website 'out & about' pages very soon Chester!

TYLER the staffie who's nearly 5 and likes places with water to cool down in, sensible chap!

MITCH a saluki cross who enjoys Cogden Beach and the Beaminster area.

TOBY & HUGO who are beautiful beagles living in West Dorset and enjoying Preston Beach

MAGGIE a 'loving but very nervous' rescue dog who loves the Purbecks (but not car travel...)

SCUTO & BELLA who are whippet crosses who need wide, safe spaces to run around - probably why they like Sandbanks Beach (west)

SHANTY a retriever who walks in all sorts of places including Uddens the River Stour, New Forest and the Purbecks.  Jacky says 'We like long walks 3-10 miles with dog-friendly pubs for lunch breaks' sounds great! - can you give us any tips for dog-friendly pubs Jacky?

FINLEY & ARCHIE,  Westies who are particularly fond of Hamworthy Beach and also like Alexandra Park

BRACKEN a young Cavalier who enjoys Sandford Woods

MICKEY & DIESEL who are rottweilers - Noel tells us that one's a big softie and the other is more of a guard dog at heart so they go out separately on their walks with him as it's better for them to be treated as individuals who need different handling out and about.

MISSY another lovely Cavalier who enjoys walking all around the Bovington, Moreton and Lulworth areas.

FREDDIE the whippet who enjoys walking by the river at Northbourne.

DEXTOR & LOLA, an usual Pointer cross & Bernese cross who are fans of Potterne Park and forest near Hurn.

COCO a chocolate lab who walks at Whitecliff

ELLA & JESS a staffie and a German Shepherd who live in West Dorset. Susan says 'We love our dogs, and both go to obedience training, and are friendly and well behaved'.

JJ & FERDIE a harrier hound and springer who romp in lots of places including the Forest

LUCY a border collie who Marilyn tells us is 'a grumpy old lady of 13'!

KEIRA a sprocker who is fond of the Purbecks

SOOKIE a female 1 year old mongrel - Ceri the email address from your form isn't working please send it in so I can send you the quarterly(ish) email news?

JINX a pointer cross rescued dog who likes the views from Badbury Rings and Barrow Hill

PIPPA a border collie who likes going to lots of different places with her ball - Broadstone Rec, Baiter Park, Kingston Lacey, Badbury Rings and beaches are just some of her favourites!

COOKIE a spaniel who's a fan of Hengistbury Head

NANOOK a 9-year old Northern Inuit who goes to the beach and Hangistbury Head

PATCH, he may be small but we're sure he's beautifully formed Liz!

LILY a 7 year old Westie

SUNNY a cocker who enjoys Puddletown Forest and Poundbury hillfort area

BELLE  a lovely greyhound who likes Ham Beach

OAKLEY who is a very friendly working cocker and loves to have fun and games at his training class

SPIKE a golden retriever who loves to greet visitors with his toy and playing with doggie mates

CHARLIE an airedale who likes playing hide & seek!

TAYLA a cocker spaniel who loves to run after his ball in the woods

VINNIE  a Yorkie who Ruth says is 'a very good dog' ;)

HERBIE a lovely young cockerpoo

SADIE a labrador retriever who goes to all sorts of places including Corfe Mullen Rec as well as the beach

JACKSON a lab/retriever too, who loves the same places

JAKE guess what? yes - another wonderful retriever.  Owner Clive enjoys Hamworthy Park but wishes everyone would pick up there, whether it's dark or light - we're with you on that Clive. 

WILLOW who is a regular visitor to Dorset but is lucky enough to visit Burnham Beeches when at home.

MYRTLE a dachshund cross, a little miss with a taste for flip-flops!

STITCH the French Bulldog who loves everybody - and Tracey says they love him back!

MURPHY  who goes to Whitecliff & Upton Park and rejoices in his beardie doodle-ness

STACEY  a staffie who Millie says 'can be really fun'

BOW & ALFIE who are young Jack Russells

OLLY  a frequent visitor to Dorset who loves the beach

SAMMY a dalmatian, another regular visitor who normally walks on the Wiltshire White Horse (I wonder if you've seen the Weymouth one too?)

TINY, SOCKS & TAMMY who are 8 and the youngster AMBER (6) who are all lovely mongrels who live with Maggie

PATCH a collie who is a fan of Upton Country Park

AMBER a staffie who visits Dorset with Robin from Farnborough

RUSTY a large labradoodle from Bearwood

FARLEY  a German Shepherd cross who enjoys a walk along Highcliffe to Mudeford Beach

HOOCH a French Mastiff cross who walks at Throop River - would that be the Stour Valley Way? - a lovely riverside walk

ARTHUR a springer who walks at the Forest, Hengistbury Head & Potterne Park,

TILLY a cocker x lab who is also a fan of Potterne Park and the Forest

ERIC a minature poodle who likes Potterne and the forest too - Kate says she'd like more onsite advice on wildlife sensitive sites (SSSIs - Sites of Special Scientific Interest' - with rare wildlife and special habitats) with walks marked out so people can avoid disturbing the special wildlife - few places have those and it seems like a great idea.

DENZIL another Potterne fan who enjoys the Forest too.

Yes you guessed it - we did a pit stop at Potterne -  bit of a poo problem there recently as some people are visiting regularly but not picking up - even though there are sports pitches and lots of bins - sad as it's such a great place for dogs and we could do with more of those!  Lots of people at Potterne do pick up and are fed up about it - let's hope the rest get the message too.

HOLLY  a collie cross - yes she walks at Potterne

MURPHY  a Potterne lab - Paula says she has to say she'spretty happy with the places that are accessible for her in the Verwood area - it would be good to have more dog-friendly beaches in Dorset and great to have a dog walks and dog friendly pub guide - hopefully that's something we can help with  Paula!.. just need some time...

LARRY a gentle Bedlington of 12 and a half who walks at somewhere beginning with 'P'

JAKE a handsome Vizsla who enjoys places like the Forest, Hengistbury Head and Moors Valley as well as Potterne

BARKLEY a Parsons Jack Russell with an embarrassing penchant for squirrels - Elizabeth says he 'screeches the place down' if he sees one - oh dear had I better admit my own Alfie (not to mention my Mum's cocker) also has a special high-pitched squirrel siren!

DAVY a charming Yorkie cross Bedlington who Brenda tell us is very loyal and obedient and likes to please

BREEZE, TEASER, SASSIE & SQUIGGERS -  2 labs and 2 Jacks who have  a lovely time together at the beach, the forest and Potterne.

TILLY & DOOLEY lovely bearded collies who walk at Broadstone& Corfe Mullen Recs with Dawn

TARKA a lab of 12, another fan of Potterne & the Forest.

INCA a male Japanese Akita who visits Dorset from Yeovil and especially enjoys Lulworth Cove

TIPSY  a Parsons Jack Russell who also comes from Yeovil she's deaf but that doesn't stop her enjoying life!


As another busy spring/summer season of doggy pit stops comes to an end we've got so many new members that we're very nearly about to say hello to our 1000th member!  - a very big welcome to all - you're now 1 in a thousand (almost)!

New members who've already used the 'join us' form or who joined at pit stops but haven't sent a photo remember you can always add your photos later, just send to: with your name and joining month!