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October 2013's new members

George the bulldog v1

Baxter the Bulldog v1

George & Baxter

October's 'Dogs of the Month' George (age 3) and Baxter (age 4) live on Portland, so of course one of their favourite pastimes is playing in the water! 

Sarah-Jo takes them on charity walks which she organises with other bulldogs, all in aid of Bulldog Rescue.

Sarah-Jo says that dog mess seems to be on the increase in their area - it may be that there are more dogs - let's hope that more people join Dorset Dogs and start to follow the doggy do code so that we can be welcome in more places and even find new places to go too!

If your dog loves the coast too look at our new information page about overwintering & migrating birds - if you're on the coast the main thing to remember is simple and it's part of the doggy do code - don't let your dog chase flocks, unfortunately it can have a big impact on birds that may already be exhausted and hungry.

If your dog enjoys the thrill of the chase why not take a ball instead and throw it well away from the flocks!

Mitzie v1



A lovely Lhasa Apso who's not too keen on mud and long grass - so she likes the quiet lanes around her village - Liz says one of their favourite places to walk is Studland Beach so sand is clearly not a problem!

Liffey v1



Another great swimmer, Liffey is a fox terrier cross whose favourite places include Branksome Beach and Baiter Park.


Bobby v1


Bethany tells us that Bobby is a 'Huskita' - a husky-akita cross. 

She says 'My dog could not be more different to the stereotypical husky or akita. He is incredibly well behaved and good natured. So far he has passed all his obedience classes with distinction. He needs a lot of exercise though!!' 

It does seem like people are realising you often can't generalise about behaviour purely on the basis of breed, especially with organisations like the Dogs Trust publicising the issue.

Here Bobby is with his silver obedience award  - at only 10 months old!  Well done Bobby!

Monty at GIN walk pub 2010-09-14 v1


Colin told is that Monty was rescued via Southern Lurcher Rescue, having been found tied to a fence in Essex starved and shot in the head with air weapon. He suffered from severe SA (stress-anxiety?) for two years, but is now much improved.

At a pit stop earlier this summer I spoke to a lady who had herself seen a man about to shoot a lurcher, tied to a fence in a lay-by, she stopped her car and rescued the dog from that fate (though she had had to pay to do it), it is shocking to hear stories like these isn't it?

Colin does a fantastic job doing homechecks and transport for rescue dogs and Monty is his fourth lurcher.

Elvis Valentine putting his feet up quite literally v1

Elvis Valentine

A fabulous name and a fabulous pose, Elvis Valentine! 

This is one little chihuahua who really knows how to put his feet up.

Susan thanks for sharing this wonderful photo - and letting us know that Elvis Valentine just loves life and all his brothers from different mothers!

Lottie v1


Lottie is an unusual otterhound-Slovakian pointer cross.  She's a rescue dog and Lizzie tells us that though she can be a little nervous she does love a little bit of fuss and attention.

One of the places she likes to walk is Queen's Park but she visits other parks and countryside places too.

Coco v1


Coco is a registered assistance dog from Medical Detection Dogs, Karen tells us he is a very special 5 year-old chocolate labrador.  He certainly looks special - calm and handsome too!

Finn v1


Allanna says 'Finn is a lively and friendly boy who loves nothing better then a good long run through the fields, especially Hengistbury Head, and a tummy rub!

We've heard that the brand new visitor centre at Hengistbury Head will be opening soon - having had a bit of a lucky sneak preview whilst delivering our new leaflet 'Enjoying Dorset with Your Dog - great places to walk in south-east Dorset'* we can confirm it will be very well worth a visit - but shhh our lips our sealed for now - look out for the opening dates! 

*The leaflet is quite a big file to download (8mb), it will also be available from visitor centres, tourist information centres and libraries in south-east Dorset, Bournemouth & Poole from around the 20th November.

Luna v1


So many gorgeous dogs this month and here's another who enjoys the sea!

Luna is one and a half years old and a harrier cross who enjoys sociable walks meeting other dogs and people with owner Rabeya.



Budo v1


Budo 'loves life and swimming in particular' says Margaret.  He's a bearded collie of just 3 years old.

According to Margaret along with many other of our members 'Hengistbury Head beach is a dog's dream'!  and that's just about his favourite place.

Jack v1


Jack is just four months old, a lovely labrador who is enjoying exploring autumnal woods with Zoe.

Wookie v1


What an adorable face!

Wookie is a very happy friendly lively little girl, Helen says 'we are enjoying doing fun agility with Tricks4Treats'.

Some of Helen & Wookie's favourite walks include Sandbanks to Studland & back via the ferry,  Kimmeridge, the coastal path to Swanage, and Studland to Old Harry & on towards Swanage. 



Pippa the beagle is about 7 years old, here she is having a good old shake after a dip but she also loves places like Potterne Park.  Christina says it's a shame but there is a problem with dog fouling there - that's such a shame, especially as we saw a huge drop in fouling after the Dorset Dogs Festival was held there a couple of years ago.


Alfie on summer hols


Alfie joined last month (see September's new members list for more about him) and now Sue has sent in this lovely photo.  Sue keeps in touch with other members through our Facebook page and we really enjoy seeing her photos and hearing about her walks!



...and last but not least meet Narhla, a young female husky-malamute cross, a fan of Studland Beach - thanks for perservering to get the photo through to us Tonia - lovely photo!


to all the other new members for September.

UDO, Wendy's wonderful Golden Retriever.  Wendy says she needs wheelchair or mobility scooter gates and still often finds that gates limit where she can go.

OZZY the border terrier cross and INDIE a Jack Russell cross who live with Anneli in Salisbury but like to visit Bournemouth Beach.

GEORGE the Jack Russell - he used to enjoy surfing in the sea at North Swanage but Elizabeth says at 15 he's slowing down a little now!  He still enjoys Wareham Forest & Studland Beach!

RANI the Golden Retriever - still 'a bouncy puppy' - and where does he like to go Stella? - 'Everywhere!'

HEIDI the Giant Schnauzer & ARRAN  the bearded collie - Cath says we have fabulous places to walk in Dorset - we're so lucky.

DEXTER the English Springer who has loads of energy and loves his walks, including Slades Farm and the beaches.

HAVOC, ETIVE & TOBY, labradors who have happily all been rescued by Greg in Christchurch.

SOPHIE the Golden Retriever of only 11 weeks old - Christine recommends the cafe at Hamworthy Park as dog-friendly and also includes Broadstone Rec, Delph Woods and Sandbanks Beach as just some of her great list of great places to walk.

BOSLEY & WICKET who are young beagles - Kim is another member who supports our search for fenced places as one beagle has to be kept on a long lead cause he loves to play with other dogs even if they are miles away!!!

BUDDY the Sprocker.  Catherine says she is so fed up with people not picking up after their dogs, especially on the beach!

MISSY the Parsons Jack Russell, a Rescued dog who enjoys going out with Tony in the Age Concern minibus he drives.

MAX & ROO, rescued terrier crosses who were saved by Grace from being put down and now enjoy Wareham Forest, Delph Woodsand Cogdean Beach.

TOBY the Jack Russell - Gina would also like a securely fenced area to practise recall with him - she couldn't bear to lose him!

Look out for November's new members page which will come out early in December - November has just seen the arrival of our 1000th member!  So now if you are a Dorset Dogs member you can definitely say 'I'm 1 in a thousand'!

New members who've already used the 'join us' form or who joined at pit stops but haven't sent a photo remember you can always add your photos later, just send to: with your name and joining month!