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Helping birds around Poole Harbour to survive and thrive this winter

The flocks are with us!  More on the way?

We can help the birds to survive and thrive and here's how

  • Don't let your dog chase flocks.  It may not seem like a big deal but if dogs chase flocks of birds that are overwintering or migrating it could affect their future chances of survival, especially if they are already exhausted or short of food.
  • Keep your distance.  Some birds are more flighty than others, and whilst for some a short disturbance may not do much harm for others it could be the final straw - and we can't tell which is which - so try to keep yourself and your dog at a reasonable distance away so that the flock does not have to take flight.
  • Download 'The Birds of Poole Harbour' leaflet, it includes a map and photos and lots of useful information, produced by the Poole Harbour Steering Group with Natural England and the support of Dorset Dogs.




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