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Dorset Dogs now has 1000 members!

Meet Charley - Dorset Dogs' 1000th member!

Charley 1000th Dorset Dogs member presentation - credit Gladwin Photography     IMG 3286-1 (1280x853)

Photos courtesy of Zoe, copyright Gladwin Photography

Dorset Dogs now has 1000 members! 1000th member Charley is pictured with Sarah & Jack Harcourt receiving their new members pack from Su Powner of Dorset Dogs.  The celebration pack contains all the usual free new member goodies, plus some special extras including a pet portrait from Gladwin Photography, a unique paw print memento from Calli’s Corner, pure dried liver treats from Dorset Dog Delights, a free treatment from Hillside Vets and a year’s supply of Dorset Dogs pick-up bags!

Desert dog Charley has come from hard times but is now having a wonderfully happy life with his Dorset family (parents Charlie & Sarah, Jack, 19, Bethan, 17 and Robert, 9).  A 7 year-old Saluki cross, Charley was twice abandoned before being rescued by his new family whilst they were working in Dubai.  The determination of his loving family then brought him back to England against difficult odds.

Charley's story

Charley was rescued from a sanctuary in Dubai, at the time it was little more than a huge concrete cage in the middle of an industrial estate where abandoned dogs were all thrown together.  (Since then the K9 Friends sanctuary has been able to move out to better purpose-built kennels with the help of the Sheik of Dubai, who wanted to develop on the original location.)   Charley's family were working long-term in Dubai and found him at the sanctuary, and his new life began. 

Charley had not had an easy life, he had already been rescued once only to be abandoned again.  He was very reluctant and fearful of getting into cars and his family think that he had probably been dumped from a car originally.  Dubai is hot and arid, a very difficult place to be a stray, and generally doesn't have parks or green spaces even for 'owned' dogs, but happily the place where his lovely new family lived did have lakes and grassy places to walk, he must have thought he'd been transported to paradise!

When it was time to move back to England, things didn't quite go as expected and a six month quarantine period loomed for Charley - luckily family friend June and her children were able to step in and keep Charley with their dog Max so Charley only had to spend one of the months in quarantine.

Charley at home

What a happy day it was when Charley was able to rejoin his family in their new home in Dorset!  Charley loves being able to walk out in the woods next to his home with his family and has some other special places too, favourites include the National Trust's  Kingston Lacy estate near Pamphill and along the River Stour.  He's content at home too and we can confirm he is a very chilled-out dog who just loves a treat and a tummy rub!    

IMG 3425 1            IMG 3383 edited-1        

   Charley enjoying his local woods                          Out walking with Jack                                     

IMG 3373 edited-1

Sarah and Charley on the path

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Charley's family

Charlie (Dad) was working in Dubai when they met - but Charley already knew his name so they didn't mind sharing the same name!  Sarah has kindly shared the family pictures below so we can show you more about Charley's life than a thousand words could tell...

Rob and Charley at Kimmeridge

Rob Charley at Moors Valley
Rob & Charley at Kimmeridge  Rob and Charley enjoying Moors Valley
Robert Charley both seeing snow for the first time Jan 2013

Rob Charley at home

Snow!  First EVER for Rob & Charley, Jan 2013 Sometimes you just gotta chill out...
Bethan Charley at home Charley greeting Jack on his first leave from army training
Bethan at home with  a regal-looking Charley Greeting Jack on his first leave from army
training - tail-wagging joy!


We're so pleased to be welcoming Charley and his family to Dorset Dogs, there's more photos on dogs check it out!

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