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November 2013's new members




Trudi says Maisie loves everyone - so she's helping Olive, a Battersea rescue dog who has come to join her family, to feel better about people too.

They have lots of favourite walks, including Whitecliff Park in Poole, Potterne Park near Verwood and Whitesheet Plantation (not far from Cannon Hill).


Don't worry if you've joined and haven't had your new members pack yet - it's been an absolutely bumper month with BASKETFULS of lovely new members and those postage elves are elvishly busy at this festive time of year - if you haven't got yours yet it'll be on its way asap!



Olive is a Battersea rescue dog who is still learning that people are ok really - Trudi says she's getting there but can be very excitable! 

She's obviously a good little climber with no fear of heights!

 Max and Olive


...and a new addition; it's now January and we've got Max to add to Trudi's family!  She's rescued him from a difficult life, Maisie has taken him under her wing, and here he is snuggled up with Olive.




Chester is only 1 year old!  A handsome English Setter, he's a friendly outgoing boy who enjoys walks along the River Stour with Mike.



Taiya is a beautiful collie x saluki of 7 years old who lives just over the border in Somerset but visits some interesting places in Dorset.  Dogs who visit Dorset are of course very welcome as members of Dorset Dogs!




...and Fleet is a 6 year-old collie who lives with Taiya, and whilst they both love water, agility is Fleet's special favourite thing.



Gillian tells us that Kerry is a very friendly German Shepherd dog, she's only 6 months old.  She seems to have found the perfect sofa - and the perfect piggy companion!


Dax is an 8 year-old greyhound who lives with Worf & Jen.  Jen says that Badbury Rings is one of their favourite places to go.  
Worf ed


...and here's Worf, a fabulous Springador, now is it Worf or Dax with the penchant for squirrels, Jen?  They both look so well-behaved!



Bailey is an 8 year-old Boxer who lives with Gracie and Harry, all 3 love going to the beach with Tracey.


... and Gracie is a whippet cross who especially loves a good run.

Merlin new


This is handsome Merlin, he's only 5 months old and loves exploring alongside  the River Frome with Pam, who says 'the river walk is dry most of the time whatever the weather - and there are people with dogs about' - it sounds very sociable.

Pam also recommends the Wareham walls and the Sika Trail for wonderful walks.





Hattie is a young lab x boxer - a lively combination!  Mark says she's a friendly and lively rescue dog who enjoys attention from anyone she meets, whether she's out at Portland Bill or Lodmoor Country Park in Weymouth.



Well here's Bengy in a very refined pose! 

He's a jack russell-springer cross which sounds quite unusual?  Donna says he does have 2 sides to his personality - the ratting instinct of a jack russell then the springer love of 'surf the turf'.  He's friendly but won't pester to be petted and is great with other dogs whilst territorial at home.  So he certainly has a rich and varied personality!

There is a huge list of places that Bengy loves to visit, from woodlands like that at Ramsdown (near Christchurch/Hurn) to various Bournemouth parks, fields, river walks and beaches so Bengy has a life that matches his personality!




Little rapscallion retriever Evie joined last month, Katie has sent in her photo and says

'We've had her since she was 6 weeks old. Having her so young, meant we had to teach her everything, from bite inhibition to basic manners. She is turning into quite a well behaved individual, unless you go to say hello to her when out walking.. then she turns into an excited puppy again!'  She does look full of the joys of life doesn't she!  What  a lovely smile.



Todd is 10 years old and lives with Brandy.  One of their favourite places is Wareham Forest

Brandy ed


I hope I've got Brandy & Todd the right way around!  I've got a feeling I could have got this wrong - let me know if I have Nicolette!

Brandy is a 5 year old cocker who can be a little nervous, so she wears the yellow ribbon so people know to keep their dogs away so she doesn't get anxious. 


DigbyReading ed


Well here's Digby the border terrier in reflective mode but apparently he's a 1 year-old who loves it when he meets other dogs who want to play, in fact Marianne says 'A great tear around with another dog is the joy of Digby's life'.

Lola ed


Lola is a GSD (German Shepherd Dog).  She likes the Rodwell Trail for her walks with Polly (it's a well-surfaced multi-use trail in Weymouth so great if you've got a pushchair or use a wheelchair).

Lola is young and has fear aggression on the lead - which means if other dogs run at her she is likely to bark and lunge at them, a fairly common problem and one of the really good reasons to prevent your dog from approaching other dogs who are on a lead without invitation, other reasons might include that they are poorly or in training. 

The 'yellow dog scheme' is becoming increasingly well-known for trying to help with this sort of issue.



At 13, Polly is a veteran greyhound, she lives with Lola and Barb, who takes them to Hardy's Monument as well as the Rodwell Trail.

Like the vast majority of people with dogs, Barb is fed up with people who don't pick up after their dogs, and that's why it's one of the key points in our doggy do code - and we'd be more welcome in so many more places if everyone picked up.

Woody ed


Woody is a 'happy bubbly cockapoo' who looks like he's just had a jolly long walk at one of his favourite places - the Dorset Coast or Badbury Rings - and is now firmly ensconced in his special comfy chair - or would that be in your special comfy chair Tracey!

little Maisie ed


Little Maisie is a small mixed breed of only 13 weeks, so she's quite brave indoors, but shy outside still.  As she visits Hengistbury Head that will probably change as it's a sociable place!

Oscar ed


Oscar is a 2.5 year-old Border Terrier who has a wonderfully active life with Mary but is catching a little comfy rest inbetween walkies!

Oscar loves other dogs, 'the bigger the better', and loves playing with a ball and lying in water.

Sprocket ed


Sprocket is 1 of 2 new Springador members this month (Worf is the other one) - not a mix we've seen often before! 

He likes to chew just about anything but he is  only 1 after all!

He likes to walk with Carole at a couple of our favourite dog walking places - Bytheway Fields and Cannon Hill Plantation.



Max is a Parson jack russell - cairn cross who is a real little athlete, Ros tells us that Max loves "dribbling" his football and playing with his frisbee on the
beach and has just recently begun to paddle in the sea - if he gets into swimming too he'll be a little triathlete!

Ros adds 'Studland is great for a day out... the Bankes arms on Studland is lovely in the summer and cosy in the winter for lunch or a drink it's very dog friendly'.

If you've got your own 'dog-friendly' suggestions do let us know - just email, we're putting together  a dog friendly visitor attractions/cafes/accommodation/pubs etc page.

Woody beagle ed


Here's intrepid Woody the 18 month-old Beagle.  He's quite an explorer, he goes to lots of different far-flung places with Kevan and enjoys the New Forest as well as Crawford Bridge in Spetisbury (so he likes water then!) and Sandbanks Beach (definitely likes water!) and Stony Down Plantation near Corfe Mullen - now there's a place I've only just found out about, it's got a super (but muddy - be warned!) bridleway running through it; there are a lot of horses who live nearby and use it so as long as your dog is fine with horses it's a really nice woodland (welly) walk.

IMG 3373 edited-1


Now last of the photos but certainly not least - he's very special - like all of our dogs of course! - Charley the Dubai desert rescue dog joined in November and he was our 1000th Member, so there's a whole feature all about him and his incredible story - click here

We hope you'll be able to join us as guest of honour at our next Dorset Dogs Festival Charley!


to all the other new members for November - just take a look at all of these wonderful names!

FINN, GUNNER & GIBBS, (you've got fabulous names boys!  Sounds like a blockbuster!) Finn's a cocker and Gunner & Gibbs are border terriers.  Sue says they all enjoy a good free run in places where they can go off-lead, they are lovely dogs who get on well and just love West Bay.

ALFIE MOON -  so we're covering all the media bases this month with our new member names! - Michelle says he's a 'barmy' young collie x gsd who lives near Blandford.

BLITZ & CHESTNUT Shelties who are regulars at those great dog-walking favourites for the Blandford area, Stour Meadows and the Milldown.

BELLA a 6 year-old cockerpoo from Wincanton.

FREYA & RITA  beared collies from Milton on Stour who love to walk at Ham Hill, Fontmell Down (wonderful views!) and Studland.

CHARLIE, an 8 year-old Golden Retriever who's a therapy dog.

JAY (8 yrs) & JINXY (4 months) border collies - Andy tells us "Weymouth is a great place to teach a puppy how to behave and interact with dogs and  people. I use the yellow dog project bandana on my older dog as he is my working farm dog and sometimes needs space".  Andy also says that it's a nice short walk from Lulworth Cove to Durdle Door on the cliff path (we better add it's also VERY steep!  But the views are of course worth it if you can manage it)

DIGBY a 3 year-old labradoodle who enjoys Sandbanks, Moors Valley and Linford Bottom (must investigate that one, new one on me, but another new member mentioned that one this month)

HARVEY a cockapoo who likes Upton Country Park, Hamworthy Park and various beaches.

RUBY & SOX, Sammie says Ruby is a dobermann, "the most lovable pooch youll ever meet but she likes to talk a
lot! Sox is a rottweiler x staffy, again he is the most lovable dog you will ever meet, he just wants love from anyone and everyone both of my dogs have been bought up with my 2 children".

MACK a Scottie/Westie cross - Josephine says he's a 'gorgeous little huggy bear' of just 11 month and recomeends the terraces and surrounding area around Sherborne - aha that sounds familiar to someone who has a rugby-playing son (I don't think we've beaten Sherborne yet though - but wonderful views from the pitches!)

AYESHA a Spanish Water Shepherd - now there's an unsual one - she enjoys places like Butts Pond, Weymouth Beach and West Bay and along the River Stour as you might expect, plus the North Dorset Trailway,  another great multi-user route.

JESSIE & TEDDY, a Jack Russell and a Lhasa Apso - Pam says Jessie loves water but Teddy DOES NOT!

ROSIE & BAILEY a Cocker and a King Charles who think there's a lovely lot of dog-walking choices in Dorset, but particularly enjoy the coast.

IZZY the Springer Spaniel who enjoys Upton Country Park and Sandbanks beach.

TEEJAY a young collie cross who is very friendly with other dogs and is lucky enough to live near Slades farm so can enjoy a sociable time.

BARNEY a young cockapoo who lives in Cattistock, and gets a bit fed up with stiles on public rights of way that don't let him through (we'd be interested to know where those are Cathy if you could email to - may not be able to help but it's always useful to know where improvements could be made should the opportunity arise?)

JET a Cocker who enjoys Broadstone Rec as well as the beaches as he loves swimming.

BRUCE a 1 year-old Staffy who lives with Sarah, it makes her sad as he's such a lovely friendly dog with a great temperament but she says people tend to assume he is going to be dangerous when he's out and about with her because of people's conceptions about the breed, a generalisation that has caused a lot of good-natured Staffy owners (before you ask - both! so that's  good-natured staffies and good-natured owners!) a lot of heart-ache.

RUSTY & ABI, father and daughter Springer Spaniels who are very close and love to swim together and explore places like Beaulieu & Burley as well as walking at closer parks like Queens Park in Bournemouth.

HARVEY another Springer who has found some great bits of 'urban forest' with Victoria, who says they also enjoy Poole Park, Whitecliff and Branksome Dene.

GUS a young labrador of 14 months who enjoys walks off lead and would like to find more good off-lead places to visit (you live not far from some great beaches for that Sandra, sounds like you do go to those and you could check on our out & about pages though we're always looking for more secure places).

KAS & BUBBLES, an English Bull Terrier and a Jack Russell, super friendly dogs from Sevenoaks who enjoy woodland walks and country parks.

HARRY a lab cross who loves to play with other dogs but doesn't like being bounced on! He's another fan of Sandbanks beach and Whitecliff Park too.

RAGS & BEN an Irish Setter and a Border Collie who Sam says enjoy some of our great urban green space places like Broadstone Rec and Delph Woods (I bet they're well-trained too Sam, a little bird told me you might just be in the business!).

POPPY a terrier cross who comes with Neil all the way from Birmingham to enjoy the sea air and good facilities at Bournemouth.

SHADOW a 6 month-old Spanish Mastiff who often walks at Days Park in Swanage and at Corfe Common and also enjoys Wareham Forest - but says do beware of car park thieves.

MERLIN, MANUKA, THALIA, LYRA, MAGIC & STAR! Whippets with a lurcher and an english setter.

HUGO a dachshund who regularly walks at Whitecliff and Poole but must have fit little legs as he also enjoys walking the coast path with Christine between Studland and Swanage.

LILLIE a Jack Russell of just 22 weeks, JADE a German Shepherd and TYSON a staffy who all live with Ginette and enjoy Wareham Forest.

BUDDY another Staffy who's fan of Wareham Forest & Whitecliff Park.

TEDDY & ROSIE a Jack Russell and a Westie who enjoy exactly the same places as Buddy!

THUNDER a young lab who enjoys the Sika Trail and Knoll Beach.


New members who've already used the online 'join us' form or who joined at pit stops but haven't sent a photo remember you can always add your photos later, just send to: with your name!