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December 2013's new members

Gus v1


Dog of the Month Guss enjoys his coastal walks with Cindy, with favourites including the coast path and Studland beach.  He's a German wire-haired pointer of 6 years old, what a handsome, happy chap!



Jasper or Coco v1


Jasper and Coco

Jasper & Coco live together with Jane, who tells us these springers' favourite walks are the ones where they can get as wet and muddy as possible!  They must be LOVING this winter's weather then!

Coco or Jasper v1

Coco and Jasper

...some of their favourite places include King's Park in Bournemouth, the beaches and the New Forest.

Jasper is a male and Coco is a female - not sure if I've got the photos the right way round Jane, you can let me know at if you like?

Harmony v1


Harmony is a lovely 6 year old German Shepherd who enjoys the beach including Branksome and the Purbecks.

Sue's bugbear when out walking with Harmony is that 'there's never enough dog bins unfortunately' - this is an issue we come across a lot, with some places well-served with bins but others with none at all.  When we discuss it with land managers it is often a problem to do with funding the ongoing emptying and maintenance of the bins, as you might expect.  When new bins have been put in it has often helped to reduce fouling problems.  More about fouling in the doggy do code.

Charlie or Arthur v1


Charlie or Arthur?

Charlie loves to swim and enjoys a tennis ball, whilst Arthur loves to smell new things and meet new dogs, both are 4 year old labradors who love a romp in Kings Park in Bournemouth.

Arthur or Charlie v1

Arthur or Charlie?

Donna I'm not sure which is which - let us know and maybe in the meantime people would like to guess!  What do YOU think? 

Breezer v1


Now here's another Springer doesn't mind a bit of wet & mud! 

Susan says they 'love walking and enjoy a good cup of tea with a slice of cake just to round it off'!   

Margo v1


Margo's only 9 months old but this labrador has a healthy interest in exploring lots of places with Sam, ranging all the way from Bovington to Morden, Broadstone to Lytchett Matravers and Badbury Rings!

Kipper or Ziggy v1

Kipper or Ziggy!

13 year-old Kipper, 6 year-old Ziggy and another housemate are 3 smashing dogs who came all the way from Spain to find their special home with Christine.


Tess v1


Beautiful border collie Tess is 11 years old has a fantastically diverse range of walks, including beaches and woodlands, heaths and downs and riverside paths - Isabel suggests it would be great to have more riverside walks available , for example along more stretrches of the Allen, Stour and Avon.

Isabel also says she likes what the National Trust has been doing to make their land accessible - but really doesn't like the amount of dog faeces left in or near paths - whether its dangling bags or piles of poop Dorset Dogs members are with you on that one Isabel.  Doggy do code.




...and last but certainly not least meet border terrier Dudley.  He actually joined with Tim & Sonia in September, at a 'Dorset Dogs information pit stop' at Watercombe Dog Show, where he won Best Terrier - well done Dudley!


to all the other new members from December:

JESSIE who was rescued from Cyprus and loves other dogs and people, Liz particularly recommends the Slades Open Space 'doggy play patch' where you can find some simple fun agility to have a go at.

RIP the Springer; Georgie says ' the North Dorset Trailway is quite a sociable walk for dogs AND owners as is Dorset's coast path.

ALFIE & LILY who are 10 year-old border terriers.  Jackie tells us 'borders are great little dogs all they want to be is with you and have fun, part of the family.  They often come to the stables, and Alfie when younger used to come out with me when I rode, he is still a very fit dog'.

TILLY, a working cocker who Lesley says is learning agility, she's a young 2 year-old who enjoys the sociability and open space at the Milldown.

MOLLY the chocolate labrador.  Kathy takes her to different places and particularly recommends Wareham Forest because of the range of options for parking and walks there.

DEE a dog walker in the Poole area.

OAKLEY - a 4 year-old labrador with a fabulous name and a fondness for Corfe Mullen, alongside Janet!

OSCAR a puppy of just 10 weeks old, a Dogue de Bordeaux who Tracey says will soon be enjoying some of the woodland in the Hurn area. 

and finally - TYLER, an unusual deerhound cross, Frances says 'my dog loves going to new places and meeting others.  I'm looking for places not too far away that we could visit as it's boring and a bit lonely where we currently walk' - ahh that's no good is it, can we help folks?  Tyler & Frances live in Gillingham and unfortunately as we're only funded for work in south-east Dorset at the moment we can't investigate for them right now - but we can ask YOU!  Any ideas?  Email and we'll pass it on!

New members who've already used the 'join us' form or who joined at pit stops but haven't sent a photo remember you can always add your photos later, just send to: with your name and joining month!