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January 2014's new members

Simba v1


Simba is only 4 months old, doesn't he look like a happy chap, he's got a real sparkle in his eye.  He's our first whippet 'dog of the month'.

Daniel says he loves beach walks so he's certainly living in the right county, our lovely Dorset coast will give him lots to explore - did you know you can check the out & about section for information on beaches?



Rosie v1


Rosie is a young labrador, Sammy told us that she used to be quite nervous but happily is getting over this now and enjoys her lovely varied walks in Broadstone Rec, Pocket Park, Whitecliff and Baiter Park (you might be interested in the page on 'Poole Harbour' Sammy?) and also Verwood woods.

Monty v2



Michael told us that 9 year-old Monty suffers a common Cavalier complaint as he has a heart murmer, but he's able to enjoy gentle walks at places like the hill-top at Corfe Mullen, Poole & Bournemouth beaches and Kingston Lacy estate.

Michael & Monty are new to Dorset so are still exploring and checking out gentle paddling opportunities!

Rolo v1


Rolo the chocolate labrador is an 8 year-old gent who loves to have a good run and sniff around with his mate Milo...

Milo v1



some of their favourite places for a-sniffin and a-runnin include Studland Beach and Wareham Forest.  Milo is a 5 year-old collie cross - what a lovely photo Hollie!

Branston Pickle v1

Branston Pickle

Arrrrrrr, Branston must be one of the youngest members of Dorset Dogs, he joined at just 5 weeks old and hadn't even left his Mum to move in with Zoe when this photo was taken.

Zoe is looking forward to lots of beach & forest walks with this lovely little Patterdale Terrier cross.

Emma puppy v1


Here's Emma in quizzical mode taking her photo session very seriously& looking wiser than her 7 months! 

She's a gorgeous golden retriever who enjoys taking Paul for walks in Ringwood Forest and Moors Valley Country Park.

Lily v1


Lily the lab lives with Rebecca, who says "I love Delph Woods, especially as you meet true doggy people so you can have a relaxing walk. The dogs love the stream and it is a safer walking experience."

Other favourite walks include Sandbanks beach, Wareham Forest & Whitecliff Park, sounds like Lily has a lot of fun - just right for a 1 year-old!


Poppy v1


Poppy's a 6 year-old lab x collie who lives (lives or loves?!) to swim and fish out rocks from riverbeds.  She lives with Joey, who's a 1 year-old lab x lurcher - I hope I've got the photos the right round Warren?

Joey v1


Joey had to have a life saving operation after swallowing a peach stone!

 Poppy & Joey go out with Warren to Puddletown Forest, Thorncombe woods and most of the countryside in Dorset! 

Puddletown Forest is on the list to go on our 'Out & About' pages soon so do let us know if you have a 'favourite' walk or any photos from there folks?

Buster v1


Michelle says "Buster came to our family just over a year ago, after our very old Dobey sadly passed away.  He brings smiles to everyone he meets, he's bouncy and full of fun and loves life and can't wait till his next jaunt with his family..."

He sounds lovely Michelle - and he's very photogenic too!


Zeus v1


Well here's a big softie with his little softie!  Zeus is a 2 year-old Dogue de Bordeaux.

Leanne tells us that he loves playing with other dogs, often on the Dorset coast and sometimes at Solent Meads too.

Polly v1


Tony tells us that 4 year-old Polly is a cross betwen a Staffy and something spotty - can't think what gave him that idea can you?!  That eye patch is just great!

Tony is still exploring the area with Polly, having very recently moved to the Gillingham area, but has already discovered Melbury Down and a local path or two in the Gillingham area - does anyone know good walks in that area?


Honey v1


Last but certainly not least here is beautiful veteran cocker Honey.  Honey is 11 years old and Caroline told us "Honey is a rescue spaniel found via a local breeder.  She's partial to lying on her back on the sofa or in her bed and gets on with our newborn really well".

I think she might be posing with cheerful buttercups here - but have you seen the equally sunny celandines are out now, joining the snowdrops to cheer up our more wintry days?  Perhaps spring really is on the way. 

As spring bursts through, some ground-nesting birds will be quite literally starting to prepare the ground to raise their young chicks so we may be asked to put our dogs on leads in those areas - check out the doggy do code to find out more about where and when this may apply.


to all the other new members from January - lots of youngsters this month!

PATCH the 16 month-old collie who just HATES the sound of beeping crossings - but LOVES Kings Park in Bournemouth.

JOE a rescued english setter x collie who loves Hengistbury Head - and ANYWHERE with water!

JOCK a Westie of just 3 and a half months.

DUKE a 4 month-old Staffie, a 'very friendly and cute puppy - very obedient and growing all the time!'

COPPER & SHADOW, 6 month-old labs, unusually for a lab Shadow is scared of water - whilst Copper jumps straight in!

BRUCE & TINA, rescued blue roan cockers of 12 and 13,  Janice lives with them in Portland, she says "Portland has some great walks and always welcomes responsible dog walkers" - we can vouch for that Janice!

HECTOR the Basset Hound who loves an amble along West Bexington coast path.

NORMAN a collie who is choosy about what other dogs he will play with - but will take his ball to ANY human who might throw it for him!

BERTIE a 6 month-old lab from Hazelbury Bryan who enjoys Puddletown Forest.

MITZI a German Shepherd-Staffie cross - another water-lover so bet she's loving our weather this winter!

MACDUFF a 12 year-old Scottie and Daphne his younger Scottie friend.  Melanie tells us they enjoy the North Dorset Trailway:
"The trailway provides safe pleasant walking for our elderly dog and is a good way of socialising with other dogs and their owners".

New members who've already used the 'join us' form or who joined at pit stops but haven't sent a photo remember you can always add your photos later, just send to: with your name and joining month!