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March 2014's new members

Maisie Katy v1


Here's Maisie the 'Newfador' with Katy.  They enjoy Shaftebury fields & park, local footpaths, Sandbanks & West Bay and are still exploring - Maisie is only 9 months old so Katy says they are 'still learning'.

Katy adds 'at Sandbanks people are really friendly, and confident to allow dogs off lead to play'.


Mungo v1


Nicola says

'Mungo is a beautiful dog, both in temperament & looks. She lives with 2 cats & really loves them, even trying to break them up  when they play fight!'



Bess v1


Bess actually lives in Suffolk, Sally tells us 'We will be visiting Dorset in June and August 2014 for a walking holiday.  Bess is well behaved on and off lead, loves her walks, especially at the seaside and enjoys agility.'

Hope you have a wonderful holiday - hopefully our 'Out & About' pages will help with checking out those seaside walks!


Cassie 113 v1


As you can see, Cassie is a lab who loves playing with her ball, Kerry says she also loves going out for walks with her best friends Holly & Barney.

At recent dog first aid evenings we were reminded both by Hillside & Natterjack vets - it's so tempting to play with sticks if your dog loves them, but the vets do see some awful injuries and even fatalities from stick injuries and stick splinters that have worked themselves through the throat into other parts of the body - so you could follow Cassie's example and remember to take a ball, frisbee or dog toy to play with or chew on instead.

Patch v1


Patch is one of the many dogs who just loves a swim at Hengistbury Head beach!

Lelou v1


Lovely Lelou is a husky x shepherd who has newly arrived in Dorset with dog professional Gemma, who says they are keen to find dog-friendly areas - happily we do have plenty of those in Dorset!

With more and more people following  the 'doggy do code' hopefully we'll be welcome in even more places with our dogs!

Lolita v1


Lolita lives in Weymouth, and clearly revels in her family life with Caroline, who says 'Lolly is the sweetest dog and I really think that the judgement people make on staffies is unfair. She loves children, only ever wants to snuggle up, and doesn't even poo unless she thinks no ones looking!



to all the other new members from March:

MILO a little dog with a passion for King George playing fields.

STIG a lurcher who walks at Five Marys - that's an area Dorset Dogs has been exploring & some info will be going on our 'Out & About' pages about some of the paths later this year!

ATOM & CASSIE  who have amazingly varied walks with Susan, including The Trailway, The Milldown, Bryanston, Blandford Town Centre, Poole's Baiter Park, Kingston Lacy, Badbury Rings, Stourhead - lots of those are on our 'Out & About' pages and some of those are due to be added later this year.  Susan says 'Despite their ages, my dogs are still full of energy and ever ready for a walk or jog. The Milldown at Blandford is great place for meeting other dogs and owners'.

BLUE & LOLA & their 2 housemates - email me if they didn't all get ID tags Penny - I'm not sure I realised you had 2 more dogs when I sent your pack out - let me know their names and I'll add them to our members list? (

FISHER, who Janine says is 'a rescue dog from Ireland and is a fantastic boy.  He loves playing with other dogs but is a bit wary of people and can bark unexpectedly if he feels threatened'.

GEORGE a chocolate lab and MISTY a black lab, a well-behaved boy & girl.

TOBY 'the best dog in the world' - so says Coral!

JACK the golden retriever & BOB the collie cross, both rescue dogs who've found a new lovely life with Betty.

SCAMP the border collie.

FREDDY & ARCHIE - Jack Russell Terriers.

CUSCO the cocker who enjoys places like Branksome Chine

Last but not least SAM the labrador who's rather keen on taking Maggie out for a walk at Puddletown Forest!

New members who've already used the 'join us' form or who joined at pit stops but haven't sent a photo remember you can always add your photos later, just send to: with your name and joining month!