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It's official: chips are good for pets!

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It’s official: Chips are good for pets!



Our pets are part of the family and as such we all want to do everything we can to ensure they are kept safe.  You have them regularly checked over at the vets and ensure their vaccinations are kept up-to-date ­ but how well would you cope if your pet went missing?


No matter how responsible you are or how well behaved your pet is it is possible that one day they may go missing.  While collars can be slipped, name tags can fall off and tattoos may become illegible over time, microchip identification is permanent so if your pet is lost a microchip gives you the best chance of being reunited.


A microchip is hardly bigger than a grain of rice and having it implanted is quick and simple.  Like a normal injection, it is inserted under the skin at the back of the neck and once there lasts a lifetime.  The chip contains a unique code that identifies the pet and the owner.  The details including your name, address and contact telephone numbers are held on a central database.


Most vets, animal charities and local authorities have pet microchip readers. If your pet does unfortunately go missing, once found and handed in to the relevant authority, your pet will be scanned to ‘read’ the unique ID code to identify your pet.  Your contact details will then be looked up on the database and then it’s simply a case of contacting you to return your pet to you.


It is important to remember, that when moving house or changing your telephone number, you should inform your vet to ensure that the central database is up-dated so that the correct information is held.

For all responsible pet owners having your pet micro-chipped should be one of the first things that you do ­ micro-chipping is as simple as having your pet vaccinated!

Ensure your pet (dogs and cats can be micro-chipped) is chipped by booking an appointment with your vet today.


Chris Devlin is a Vet and Partner at Hillside Veterinary Centre in Corfe Mullen.  For more information visit