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Press Release - Free Dental Checks!

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September 2010

FREE dental checks during Pet Smile

Hillside Veterinary Centre in Corfe Mullen are joining nearly 1,500 other veterinary centres across the UK and offering pet owners FREE dental check-ups during ‘Pet Smile Month’ throughout September.  Pet owners will also receive free goodies, advice on pet oral hygiene and preventative measures, plus 20% off any dental procedures undertaken during the month. 

Vets are concerned about the state of pets’ teeth in the UK.  It is estimated that 80% of dogs and cats over the age of three urgently need dental treatment.  Many pet owners do not realise the extent of their pet’s disease and are unaware of the importance of tooth brushing, daily oral hygiene chews and the special dental diets which can help avoid problems.

Dental disease is a welfare issue; ‘dog’s breath’ is the very least of the worries.  Oral pain often goes unnoticed as pets will carry on eating.  As periodontal disease progresses, bacteria spreads from the mouth through the blood stream to affect other organs such as the kidneys and heart valves.  In addition little showers of bacteria are carried into the lungs with every breath.

It is important to remember that most dental disease is treatable and certainly the vast majority of the disease is preventable.  Prevention of dental disease is better than treatment and veterinary dentistry is all about making pets healthier and happier.

Owners who wish to have a Pet Smile Check-Up should contact Hillside Veterinary Centre on 01202 698899 or visit their website at to make an appointment.  Owners can also visit the official website at for more information.

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For further information: 

Chris Devlin, Veterinary Surgeon, Hillside Veterinary Centre ­ 01202 698899 or

Pet Smile Month official website - 08714 242526 or

Author:  Samantha Devlin, Marketing & PR Manager, Hillside Veterinary Centre - 01202 698899 or