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Pet Pals November News Letter

What a Day!

I’m just reflecting on the life of a pet carer this evening as I write this belated edition!

 Take for example today, (which is the 16th November) I started this morning on top of East Cliff in West Bay with the most spectacular views.

 There was clear blue sky, calm seas and frost on the grass. Also the way the mist was evaporating off the sea as the sun rose was quite fantastic.

 I’ve not seen the like before and curiously it was only around the harbour area itself. A beautiful start to the day

 Here’s a couple of pics of my office!


My office - view from East Cliff

 Hannah and Rosie were also enjoying themselves


Hannah & Rosie at West Bay

 Later on I could have been on Sky News! Unbeknown to me Prince Charles was visiting Poundbury today. I am very often there and took the last parking space in front of a crowd and police.


Just as I got out of the van to walk English Bull Terrier, George, a limo pulled up about 15 metres from me and Prince Charles got out. On the day when Prince Williams wedding plans were announced and there were a lot of press asking questions.


I was amazed how close I could park and be to the Prince with no security scrutiny at all ­ quite refreshing really ­ or maybe I just have an honest face!


Anyone heard about Ginger?

Did you see the report back on 21st September about the man in Weymouth who abandoned an injured Shetland cross terrier called Ginger?

 It was reported by the BBC as a CCTV camera at BMT Defence Services caught the incident. Here is the web address to visit

 I’ve left it as is as I don’t know whether the new method of sending the newsletter via Mail Chimp (you are in complete control of your subscription) will include an embedded link.

 I’ve not heard that the man has ever been caught despite filming him and the car involved :(


Hannah’s Here to Help




Hi everyone,


About time I got my column back!


Now I know that I’ve been recommending Joint Aid to all my doggie pals with joint pain. It really works, but did you also know that it might make some dogs a little unhappy?


It did with me but when I reduced the dosage (I now take about one quarter of the suggested dosage) I’m back to my old puppy like self - and my joints are still great as well.

See you on the Last Sunday Walk

Cat Nap Time 


Incredibly Christmas and New Year Holidays are already almost upon us. We will be very appreciative if you can let us know you requirements over the Holiday period to help with our scheduling. Thank you.


Matt & Maria will be away from Close of Business on Friday 10th until Monday 20th December. The team will be on hand to provide regular and already booked services during this period.


Hope to see you on the Last Sunday Walk

Last Sunday Walk


This months walk will be from Abbotsbury Beach Car Park to Linda’s cafe at West Bexington. And back.


A nice level walk which can be stunning if we have a nice day.


We’ve tried to find out if the car park will be charging but apparently it’s up to the attendant - whether he wants to work or not!


Meet up at 10:15 for 10:30 start on Sunday 28th November


Please let us know you’re coming

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