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Pet Insurance


January 2011


Love your pet… love your vet


Pet Insurance ­ a really good idea!



Thinking about insuring your dog? Vets recommend and encourage owners to do so immediately! 


Our dogs give so much enjoyment and become a member of our family ­ you look after them and ensure they have regular health checks, are kept up-to-date with vaccinations, fed the appropriate diet and are given worming and flea control. But what about pet insurance?


Each year, on average 1 in 3 pets suffers illness or injuries, so unexpected veterinary bills can, unfortunately, occur at any time. We often think of insurance covering emergency treatment of broken bones or wounds following road traffic accidents, but you mustn’t forget that animals can also develop many medical conditions including skin disease, ear problems, heart disease and arthritis ­ to name just a few!


Veterinary medicine does not stand still and vets and veterinary nurses frequently attend courses to up-date their knowledge, in order to give pet owners and their pets the very best in veterinary care. As a result their ability to treat life-threatening conditions such as heart disease has improved greatly. However, the drugs used to treat such conditions can be very costly and often vets see the agonising choices clients have to make regarding the treatment of their pets.


With appropriate pet insurance, you can ensure your dog receives the absolute best care without heart wrenching financial decisions becoming a limiting factor. Speak to your veterinary surgery regarding pet insurance and the best options for you and your dog.


Third party cover ­ an additional benefit of pet insurance is third party cover. It’s a worrying fact that as a dog owner you could be held legally liable for the actions of your dog. For instance should your dog stray and cause a road traffic accident, you could be held liable for the actions of your dog and the outcome.




Chris Devlin is a Vet and Partner at Hillside Veterinary Centre in Corfe Mullen. 

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