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Hannah's Column

  There has been an exciting announcement from Head Office this month.

Petpals have launched a FREE Lost Dog Register - obviously we hope that
it's never needed but alas it does happen. Our doggie friends do sometimes
go walkabout and don't know how to get home. Should the unthinkable happen
there is now help a click away at

Last Sunday Walk
January's walk was cold but crisp - a lovely day and enjoyable walk we
hadn't done for an absolute age (possibly a couple of years).

For the simple reason that the walk is relatively flat and relatively mud
free we are going to enjoy a walk from Abbotsbury Beach Car Park (it's half
term so you'll probably have to pay) - or walk down from the Sub Tropical
Gardens. We'll walk along the coast path to West Bexington and the Blue
Anchor cafe where we hope Linda will have the Doggie Biscuit Barrel

 As usual the walk takes place on the Last Sunday of the month Come on - if you've never attend a Last Sunday Walk before - why not? You
and your best friend will love it!

We meet up at 10:15 for a prompt 10:30 start (in fact if we don't know
you're coming we will leave as soon as everyone we are expecting has
arrived - which could well be earlier - so please let us know that you'll
be coming along)



Hi Folks
Camp Bestival at Lulworth Castle tickets are now available and I hear they
are opening the campsite on Thursday this year to give folks a chance to
settle in before the entertainment starts on Fri 29th July to Sunday 31st.
We always get lots of Home Boarding requests for this weekend - so get in
early if you're going and want your doggie to have a holiday with me at my

Very sad and unexpected news to share. My lovely goldie chum Daisy passed
away last week at home from what turned out to be a tumour in her brain.
No-one had any inkling that she was so unwell. We all miss her.

Also poor old Jambo has been in the wars and has sliced a pad and is
playing for sympathy with his family while he wears a bandage on his leg.
He'll soon be fine but is actually quite enjoying the extra attention!

Mum and Dad were away in early February and that's great 'cos Nan and
Grandad looked after us - which is loads of fun! We all had a great time.
Although I hear dad spent the holiday in bed with flu - serves him right
for leaving me behind ... I 've got a pet passport too and we've never used

Cat Nap Time
Thanks for reading our newsletter - if you have any local pet news or
events don't forget to let us know with plenty of notice - we get read by a
large number of West Dorset (and beyond) pet lovers!

Maria is now (almost) full steam ahead with Groom Dog  ...her new dog
grooming service. Lots more to tell you about in the coming weeks and
months but for now it's still possible to get reduced rates for your dog
grooming needs. She will shortly be passing the exam (her tutor Sally says
she'll walk it)! Email (yes it will work without the
".uk" but you can add it if you really want!) Or you can call her new
number 07403 732327

Until next time - have a great month with your best friends
Matt & Maria and the Petpals Team