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Hamish Poisoned by Mushrooms

Please read below a warning from the owners of Hamish:

We want to warn you after we have today very sadly lost out 4 month old Scottie puppy Hamish after he ate a very tiny amount of a mushroom while on a walk. We did not see any signs till the next day when he was sick and became lethargic. This was too late to save him as you need to get them to the vets in the first 6 hours for any chance. There are no signs so you have to be supper vigilant when walking your dog, particularly young inquisitive dogs.
Hamish fought hard but it was destroying his liver so we had to say goodbye.

We are heart broken and want to warn other dog owners about this danger so they don’t have to go through the pain of losing their best friend.
The current weather has meant there are mushroom and toad stool popping up everywhere.