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August 2018 New Members

IF you send in a photo of your dog when you join online you will automatically be one of our 'Dogs of the Month'! 

Did you know Dogs of the Month have their own special class at Dorset Dogs' annual Festival?

Don't forget we'd LOVE to see you with your dog in the photos too!

Welcome to our August members.....

Lulu 2131


Lulu the 5 year old Pomeranian is a very friendly dog who loves to go on walks and meet new friends.  Lulu loves walking at Upton Country Park.

During the spring & summer months we're asked by local Rangers to inform people about where they need to be aware of birds nesting on the grounds on heaths or other specialised habitats - at this time of year dogs need to stay on the paths with us in those areas.

Check out the 'out & about' pages to find off-lead places to go, all-year round dog-friendly beaches and more information about nature reserves and their wildlife too!

Isla 2132


This 4 month old Spaniel regularly walks at the Stour Valley Nature Reserve and would recommend Upton Country Park as a great dog walking site.

Ashley told us that Isla is a crazy spaniel who loves water and especially cheese!

Kobie 2133


This 4 year old Tibetan Terrier cross walks locally in Poole and enjoys walk at Studland. He is loving and cares for everyone in the house.


Lola 2136


Lola is a 4 year old Jack Russell and Springer Spaniel cross who regularly walks at Canford Heath, Delph Woods and Upton Country Park. Cheryl told us that Lola never goes anywhere without a ball and loves running through muddy puddles. 

They would recommend Hamworthy Park as it is a great place to go for a swim.



Tilly 2137


A 1 year old Chinese Crested Powder who is a new addition to the family and so is still exploring great places to walk in Dorset.

Tilly walks at Holes Bay, Upton Country Park and Hamworthy Park.



Winnie is a 15 year old Shih Tzu and Poodle cross who enjoys walks at Poole Park and Whitecliff.

Gail told us that Winnie is a Cinnamon Trust dog who Gail walked for 18 months before coming to live with her in permanent foster after her owner sadly died. Winnie loves the sun and eating, hates the rain and has enormous energy.


Misty 2139


Misty the Cocker Spaniel regularly walks on the coast path.


Myla 2141


Myla the 2 year old German Shorthaired Pointer is a rescue who has been with her family for a year. She joined Rufus the German Shorthaired Pointer (who is already a Dorset Dogs member). Myla enjoys going to Obedience and Hoopers classes as well as exploring the local countryside. 

Myla and Rufus regularly walk at Lorton Nature Reserve, Wareham Forest and Moreton Forest.


Kahn 2142


Kahn is an 11 month old Irish Wolfhound who loves walking at Ramsdown Forest, Sopley Common and St Catherine's Hill.

Dani says that Kahn is a large, strong willed adolescent puppy with a mind of his own. He is generally good natured with the occasional naughtiness thrown in.



New members who've already used the 'join us' form or who joined at pit stops - if you didn't send in a photo remember you can always add your photos later, just send to: with your name and a bit about your dog and/or where you like to walk.  Don't forget we'd love to see you in the photo too!

Welcome to to everyone else who's joined this month:

THEO a 9 year old Working Cocker Spaniel from Berkhamsted who loves swimming in the sea even in the middle of winter! Theo loves walking at Studland when visiting. 

MAGIK, HAMIDH and DAISY a 6 year old Standard Poodle, 7 year old West Highland Terrier and a Romanian Shepherd from Bournemouth who walk along Iford River and Ramsdown.

STANLEY is a Schnoodle who enjoys walks on the beach. Helen says that Stanley is a loyal and playful chap who loves to chase a ball and is quite chatty.


If your dog is not a member yet you can find out about the doggy do code and join here to receive your free members pack.