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BLIZE Dog Rescue

Registered charity no. 1162925

Phone: 07850 661 375
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Who are we?

B.L.I.Z.E Rescue UK was set up due to the vast number of dogs needing homes. No breed is safe from over breeding and many are ending up on the streets, in shelters or unfortunately being PTS.
Lets adopt a rescue not fund breeding.

We're here to help and work alongside any rescue as we are all after achieving the same goal.

Our training offers dog communication and working with ttouch.

Our Aims

To take in dogs of any breed that are in need

  • Put them in adequate foster homes to help rehabilitate the animal in a loving and stable environment
  •  Microchip,vaccinate and neuter any dogs that comes to us before re-homing
  • Find them a forever home

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