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Businesses, join us at!

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Dog-friendly pages, contacts and Wagipawdia.

We are now able to invite businesses to join us at  Would you be interested in going on our new dog-friendly pages as one of the free pilot businesses until the 31st January (you can then decide if you would like to stay on or not)?   For accommodation, catering establishments and visitor attractions we have a ‘dog-friendly’ map so that people can see where you are!

The other part of the website where we can now add businesses is the contacts page.  We have changed our 'information' pages to 'Wagipawdia' - a doggy encyclopaedia - and whilst lots of doggy info is set to go on there, there will also be some business sections (eg 'Groomers', 'Dog food', 'Pet photographers') which will link through to contacts.

The free pilot runs until the end of January.  We then anticipate a £30 annual fee for businesses on the website, starting on Jan 31, 2015. 

­­­We ask that all organisations who we promote on the website agree with the doggy do code and promote & support Dorset Dogs (eg by having a link to on your website).

If you would like to be part of the free pilot, please send your contact details (website, phone, email, address ) a logo and/or photo and a few lines to interest people in what you do.  Send to

You could also consider doing an offer for Dorset Dogs members - for example 10% off, we could include that info on the website and in new member packs - but that is entirely up to you, you don't have to!

All funds we raise through the website will be used towards Dorset Dogs work to champion positive management for dogs and to promote responsible ownership. Like many non-profit organisations, we are struggling for resources so we hope that this will be good for you and for dogs in Dorset too!

At the moment the work we do is constrained to south-east Dorset and has very limited time allocated for Dorset Dogs work: new funding will potentially help us to expand our work more flexibly across Dorset.  See 'About us' page for more information.